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In fact, Hert couldn’t take his eyes off Tessa from the moment she appeared before him.

Tessa, whom he met again after a fortnight, was so beautiful that his eyes were instantly drawn to her.

She was originally the prettiest in the orphanage, but when she became a full-fledged woman and dressed up more, her beauty shone even more.

The gloomy and sunken atmosphere also played a part.

So Hert thought that Tessa had decided to approach him that way.

Because that was the best option for Tessa right now.

Hert felt sorry for Tessa, and they had already slept together once.

Like a clever woman, she should’ve known what he wanted of her right now.

Hert was also willing to match Tessa’s rhythm to some extent.

That’s what he thought… But now she doesn’t want to

“Why don’t you say anything Is it because you’re a noblewoman that you don’t want to admit it with your own lips Now that we slept together.”


“Don’t even think about turning back now.

As I said before, you have no right to choose.”

And one more thing.

Hert added, trying not to touch the back of Tessa’s hand, pulling her wrist forward.

“Just try scratching the body I’m going to f*ck.

Then you’ll have to figure out how I’m going to let you off.”

He threw Tessa away as if he had caught her.

Tessa fell helplessly on the sofa.

Then there was a sound of something unbuckling behind her.

Tessa looked behind her unknowingly, and she met Hert’s eyes.

He ordered her.

“Get down.”

“Su, suddenly…”

“Why do you think I called you.

Is there more than that Get rid of that pretentious face as if you don’t know anything.”

At the sound of the ferocious tone, Tessa immediately turned her head back.

Then, as Hert said, she grabbed the back of the sofa with trembling hands and managed to put her knees up.

In fact, it wasn’t something she didn’t expect.

From the moment Hert called her, Tessa thought that it would be like this.

Otherwise, he wouldn’t call her.

Immediately, she felt a hand brushing through the hem of her skirt.

The man ruffled the hem of her soft dress.

Then, unlike before when she only wore pajamas, when she wore a lot of clothes under her clothes, he spat out a small swear word. Damn, how many are you wearing Tessa’s face turned red at the murmur.

“Next time, don’t come wearing clothes like this.

It’s hard to take off.”

Hold it. Gathering the hem of her long skirt and passing it over to Tessa, Hert painstakingly ripped her underpants and her underwear off.

Then he saw her round buttocks, which seemed to have gained some weight, and the secret place hidden there.

Tessa gently shook her body as the cold air hit her secret place.


The hot fingers touched it without her notice.

Tessa’s body was crouched down until Hert grabbed her buttocks with the other hand and she stopped moving.

He then began to invade the gap with one finger.

Fingers thick enough to make a gasp sound randomly teased the inside.

“Ah, uh…”

The sensation of something crawling in her stomach made Tessa’s body tense up without her realizing it.

It was a feeling she couldn’t get used to easily.

Tessa couldn’t stop her legs from curling.

Unknowingly, there was a lot of strength in her hand, which was clutching the sofa behind her.

“Heuu, uhk…”

“Don’t move.”

As soon as Tessa moved, Hert spoke with a low voice.

He stretched one more finger through her lower lips as a punishment.

His fingers swam through the wet curves, rubbing it here and there.

Tessa reflexively scratched the fabric on the sofa back.

Her mouth opened slightly, and saliva pooled in it.

‘It hurts… It feels so weird…’

Of course, it was a small pain compared to when Hert inserted himself, but still, the unfamiliar pain made Tessa’s body tense up.

Will she have to keep doing this She knew there was no other way, but she had a brief regret.

His fingers were this hard too, but it was obvious without even thinking about how much harder it would be to put his thing in like the last time.


What if it was so narrow on two fingers”

Even though he only put two fingers in, the path was still narrow and heavy.

Fortunately, the inside was getting wet little by little.

Every time the slippery fluids slipped from his fingers, Hert moistened his lips with his tongue without realizing it.

‘I think she must have reacted somewhere last time.’

Hert gently bent his fingers and began to touch the inner wall here and there.

In their last entanglement, Hert realized one thing about a woman’s body.

There was a marked difference between when a woman felt it and when she did not.

When a woman felt it, not only the wrinkles of the walls fluttered, but the sensitivity of the tightening was different.

So he realized that foreplay was necessary.

Because it was usually better to feel each other and move together rather than ignorantly forcefully break in and move his back alone, it would take less effort and a woman would be able to endure it a little more.

Hert began to roll her cl*toris with his other hand.

He hadn’t realized anything about this place yet, but they said it was a sensitive spot, so it was better than not touching it.

Instead, he gently moved the tip of his finger, as though he was handling a more fragile marble than before.

“Uh, huuh, uhh…”

Not long after, Tessa let out a different moan than before.

It was a little captivating, a little higher.

“I think I know a little bit.”

Hert began to caress Tessa’s walls more gently.

He could feel the tiny but swell of the tiny pea-sized cl*toris, and the lining of her walls contracted rapidly with each touch of his finger.

“Ah, uhh, hhng… str, ange… ”

Tessa didn’t know what to do when the man’s large hand, who would usually hold a sword, raised heat as it touched her secret place.

It was a tenacious and persistent hand.

It made her feel more and more strange.

His fingers, which had already occupied her insides, were creating subtle pleasures rather than pain.

Tessa felt something hot bursting from deep within.

“Wa, wa—it… Uhng!”

Tessa twisted her body briefly.

Her hand gripping the back of the sofa was stiff as she scratched it.

Hert slowly pulled out his hand from her.

The liquid dripped from his wet fingers.

In addition, the liquid that had accumulated inside ran down her legs.

Tessa’s face was red with shame, thinking she had made a mistake.

“This, this is…”

“I think it felt good.

Seeing you pouring out a lot of this.”

‘This… This…”

“You’re still clenching there.”

Hert lowered his head and looked closely at the woman’s entrance.

The soaked red flesh trembled as if it was relaxing and contracting repeatedly.

It’s like asking for something more.

Seeing this, Hert felt blood rushing down his lower body.

It was natural.

Hasn’t he already tasted what it feels like down there

Hert didn’t hesitate any longer.

He thought this was enough for her.

He untied his pants and took out what had been inflated since before.

A large pillar, which was terribly overgrown with blood, was nodding and spitting out a liquid from the tip.

It looked like it was going crazy because it wanted to go in right away.

“I’m going to put it in now.”

“Ah, uh, hold… hold on, uhhng…”

Round tip thrusted into the tight walls.

The pillar the size of Tessa’s wrist scraped over her cl*toris and glided across her entire walls.

Tessa squeezed her body at the object that seemed to reach her belly button.

No matter how much she thought about it, she couldn’t believe she could fit such a thing inside of her.

It had entered her once before, but that memory seemed far away to her now.

‘I’m, I’m scar… ed…’

Tessa bit her mouth as if she was about to cry.

The fear that she might be torn swept over her.

Actually after she had her first time with him, Tessa felt like she had been beaten all over her body and she felt horribly bitter.

It wasn’t for no reason Kennis had given her medicine.

Hert gave her a cold glance as Tessa seemed reluctant to have him insert himself.

“Don’t move around.

If you don’t like it, hold on.”

“Ah, hngh!”

A huge manhood cut through the gap and began to invade inside.

She seemed to be engulfed in a scorching heat.

A lump-like hard length came in, grazing the lining of her walls without hesitation.

Tessa shuddered, exhaling her breath, opening her mouth and shaking her body.

Too, too big… She was already suffocating.

Her stomach was full.

“Ugh, heuk, st, stop, st… Ah!”

Tessa realized that the last time they did this was lesser.

At the time, she was not feeling well, so the fact that her fever remained was the only thing that protected her.

The second time was harder and more difficult than her first.

Tessa panted at the sight of him rushing in and out.

Is he all in Please stop here…

But as if wanting to blow away her hopes, Hert exhaled as he squeezed Tessa’s buttocks.

“Ha, relax.

I haven’t even put it in half yet.”

“St, sto, stop, ah, uhheuk, st, strange, it… hurts… hah!”

Easily ignoring Tessa’s words, Hert brought her waist closer to his hip.

He looked down for a moment.

Examining the junction, the lower lips which had widened to the limit, was swallowing his thing.

If he moved wildly here, it might get torn.

It’s stiff.

Hert paused for a moment.


Hert involuntarily let out a swear word.

It was only for a short time, but it was because his arousal was so intense that he almost came like this.

It was a very narrow and moist inner wall.

The heat that seemed to melt while swallowing his thing was also blowing away half of his rationality.

It had been fifteen days.

That he slept with Tessa again.

‘Yes, I can’t forget this.’

After the first time, Hert rebuked himself for a while.

He shouldn’t have held Tessa like that.

He said that he was a bastard like a beast.

So, he moved the collapsed Tessa and immediately left the Jutert estate as if he was running away.

However, looking back now, it was all in vain.

He wondered why he went round and round so much to hold her like this.

It was okay to be criticized for being a beast-like bastard.

For now, he wanted to open her up as much as he could, go in and play around roughly, and finally fill it up with his own seeds.

Yes, that was all for now.

“I’m moving.”


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