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“How is it Pretty, right”

Without the hands that were covering her eyes, Tessa was able to see herself in the mirror.

And then, without realizing it, she made a shaky expression.

In the mirror stood a woman who she had never seen before.

After she looked at her for a while, Tessa didn’t say anything for a while as she couldn’t believe that the woman was her.

The ginger, balm-oiled hair curled and styled meticulously from top to bottom, and her pale white skin gleamed with health.

Her eyebrows were neatly groomed, and her eyelashes were straight and untangled, making her eyes look bigger.

Her lips also gleaned moistly with a cherry red color.

The green dress Janet wore on her complemented Tessa’s slender body and created an elegant atmosphere.

Above all, the light that dripped with every little movement made Tessa stand out even more.

It was a dress suitable for Tessa, who was moving slowly.

“What, I’ve dolled you up so beautifully, why is your face like that”

Janet looked at Tessa’s complicated expression and shook her head.

Janet thought she would be very impressed or that she’d like it, but Tessa stayed silent.

Then Tessa spoke back with a small voice.

She sounded like she was about to cry.

“…I knew it.

It doesn’t suit me.”

“What’s wrong You look great.”

“I am not like me.

It’s too… Weird.”

Tessa shook her head.

To her, everything seemed out of sync.

Tessa hurriedly got out of the mirror and headed for the corner.

Her stomach churned.

Is this pretty Are you making fun of me It doesn’t suit me at all. She felt like she was wearing a mask.

Or it looked like she was wearing someone else’s mask.

She looked like a pretentious woman trying to imitate something and it clearly didn’t suit her.

“If, if I just put on my clothes again…”

“I made an effort to dress you up, but are you going to change it again”

“The, the Lord won’t like it very much.

I don’t deserve to wear this…”

A knock was heard outside the door while Tessa’s nerves shot up.

Mani hurried out to check on the guest who had come to her room.

Unlike before, this time it was not a soldier, but a knight wearing a knight’s uniform.

The knight bowed his head politely to Tessa and Janet.

“The Lord has asked me to escort the Madam.”

At those words, Tessa’s face turned pale.

She can’t go like this… Tessa was rushing over the screen to change her clothes.

Janet grabbed Tessa and pushed her out of the room.

“Go on, Tessa.”

Wait a minute, Janet.

Change my clothes, change my clothes… But when the knight was in front of her nose, Tessa reflexively bit her mouth.

She looked at Mani for one last time to ask for help, but Mani only smiled saying goodbye to Tessa, but she didn’t help her.

“Then I will take you.”

So Tessa was forced to follow the knight silently, crying miserably.

Throughout the journey, she was engulfed in anxiety and her hands were sweating.

In this outfit, she was going to meet Hert.

What if Hert laughs at her for doing something stupid Doing everything for the looks, dressing up to seduce a man…

Again, this didn’t suit her.

Not even a fraction.

For a woman wearing this kind of clothes for one night, everyone would laugh.

Especially in the current situation.

Tessa looked down at the hem of the dress swaying as she moved.

She couldn’t raise her head.

But then at that moment, a commotion broke out nearby and someone ran to the place where Tessa and the knight were.

“F*ck, get out of the way!”

A man’s urgent cry rang out.

It looked like he was being chased by something.

The knight blocking his path and the man who had been yelling as if offended by Tessa, abruptly stopped.

A familiar voice could be heard in Tessa’s ear, who had not yet raised her head.

“What, who is this”

Tessa almost collapsed in surprise as soon as she lifted her head.

The man was none other than the Marquis’s successor, the son of the deceased Marquis Jutert.

It was also the culprit, who had been abusing her for the past seven years.

How did that man get here… Tessa’s body began to shake like an aspen tree.

“Madam, step behind me.”

Ferdale’s reaction as he glanced at Tessa was unfamiliar, so the knight sent Tessa behind his back and put his hand on the hilt of the sword.

Ferdale snorted at the knight’s gestures, as though he might pull out his sword if he could.

“What are you doing again More than that…”


“Are you clinging to that bastard like a parasite now, you b*tch”

Ferdale smiled exasperatedly at his father’s sixth wife, whom he had not seen in a long time.

The shape of the woman was a spectacle.

The woman used to pick up clothes that would be worn by servants, and was now in a state of being neatly decorated in clothes that the woman who used to have her hair in a frenzied manner would now be arranged like a lady.

She showed off her face brightly, which was usually hidden by her hair.

‘This b*tch, she was worth seeing before, but it’s better once she’s decorated, isn’t it’

Then, as soon as he saw her, Ferdale looked alternately at the trembling woman and the knight standing guard her.

She had an escort She’s definitely clinging to him.

Feeling his stomach twist, he raised one corner of his mouth.

And then he spoke in a sarcastic tone.

“F*cking wench who doesn’t know grace.”

At first, he thought it was a strange rumor.

It sounded like something out of nowhere that the new lord slept with one of the former lord’s wives, like a royal court novel.

But while he was imprisoned in the castle, he knew that the rumors were true and not false.

There was already talk about the new lord and his woman in the castle.

Why doesn’t he sleep with a new one He was the one who slept with the b*tch that had already been used, but for Ferdale, knowing that his stepmother betrayed his father and slept with the new lord was absurd.

The girl dares to sleep with another man It was just yesterday that he thought, if he found out who that b*tch was, he wouldn’t let her off…

It was the sixth wife of his father, who he despised the most.

Ferdale knew it even if he hadn’t seen the two of them sleeping together with his own eyes.

Everything was obvious just by seeing how she was dressed like this.

If not, how could that woman have bought such an expensive dress and wore it Of course that bastard who has slept with her would have catered for her.

‘Bastard b*tch.

I knew that b*tch would be like this someday.’

She was the woman he didn’t like from the beginning.

Straight sharp eyes, fierce gestures.

So, it was already seven years ago that he started swinging the belt himself, saying that he would fix that rude appearance.

Although her behavior has been corrected now, the rebellious spirit that sometimes emanates from those dim green eyes still angered him.

Ferdale smirked and exaggeratedly applauded.

“Amazing, very much.

Father died, but you’re having a great time Why, now you’re going to spread your legs to him and beg for life”


“Does he know That you’re a wh*re-like b*tch who cunningly sleeps around and sells her body”

The knight was blocking the way, but as Ferdale was about to approach her, Tessa felt her heart become so heavy as if it was about to explode.

It was a reflexive fear.

It was the effect of conditioning from years of abuse.

Every time the man smirked and slapped her, Tessa was beaten so much that she couldn’t even leave the room.

The nightmare seemed to be reviving now.

“Look at you.

You are already a slut.

Even if you dress up that way, you are essentially a prostitute, nothing more, nothing less.”

“I, I…”

“B*tches like you sling mud onto the Jutert name.

How dare you, in the castle of my sacred family…”

“Young Lord Jutert, step back!”

The knight drew a sword and warned.

But Ferdale didn’t care at all.

Rather, he approached the knight and swore at him with anger.

“Damn it, what are you doing”

Even as the eerie blade moved in front of his eyes, Ferdale didn’t care.

Anyway, Ferdale knew that the knight couldn’t harm him.

Rather, it would be better for him if he did.

Because it could have caused problems officially.

He only lost the territory in a battle for the territory, but Ferdale was still the heir of Jutert.

“What are you going to do Are you trying to cut me off That’s funny.

Get lost! I have something to do with that woman.”

Pushing back the knight standing in his way, Ferdale stretched out his hand towards Tessa.

He thought he would grab that b*tch’s hair and beat her like before.

Dare to be such a petty b*tch… However, his actions stopped.

Someone from behind grabbed his wrist and bent it backwards.


“I was wondering what the fuss is, it’s the Young Lord again”

“Sir Geoffrey!”

With a face that he was very annoyed, Lange also bent Ferdale’s other arm backwards and pressed.

As his arms were tied, Ferdale shook his body and shouted at him.

“Ack! Damn, what are you Let go! Let go of me!”

“You should be grateful that I am here, not and not Sir Bosch, Young Lord.”

When did you escape again With a smile, Lange kicked the back of the Marquis heir’s knee and threw him to the floor with ease.

Ferdale collapsed helplessly and struggled.

The knights who were chasing Ferdale arrived and bound Ferdale who had fallen to the ground.

“Take him away.”

“Let me go! Bastards! Let me go!”

Lange whistled briefly as he watched Ferdale being dragged away by the knights again with screams.

For 15 days, Sir Bosch must have had a hard time.

He then found Tessa trembling from a distance, with her arms wrapped around her.

“Madam, are you alright”

Tessa raised her head in surprise when she saw the man’s nose in front of her.

A man she had seen for a while in the office the other day was standing there with a gentle smile on his face.

He reached out to Tessa slowly in a restrained motion.

It was a gesture to escort her.

“Let me greet you formally, madam.

I am Lange Geoffrey, and I’m currently serving the commander.

Feel free to call me Geoffrey.”


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