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Lange Geoffrey was one of the staff appointed by the Marquis when Hert was awarded the title of nobility a year ago.

He held the position of a non-commissioned officer, but in fact, he was a scholar who had never been to the battlefield.

However, his guts were considerable.

He was speaking well in front of Hert when others couldn’t even say a few words because they were afraid.

It was as if the nerve that was in the Marquis’ blood ran in his veins as well.

The reason why Marquis Borwen gave Lange to Hert was simple—for surveillance.

The reason that Lange could act so shamelessly in front of Hert was because he had a solid backing and a separate mission.

For that reason, Hert did not trust Lange very much.

All those who were backed by the name of Borwen were not reliable.

Hert turned his head and looked out his window again.

He was approaching the Jutert estate.

“Sir Bosch will have a report when we return.”

“I know.”

“Other than that, you can rest.

As Your Excellency said, I won’t be calling you for a while.”

“I know that too.”

Hert pressed his temples together and closed his eyes.

He wasn’t so tired.




The carriage arrived at the estate at noon.

Seeing the castle that was no different than it had been a week ago or now, Hert slammed the door and got out of the carriage.

The carriage was not small, but it was narrow and uncomfortable for him because of his large physique.

When he came out, his men were waiting for him.

“Sir Bosch!”

Following Hert, Lange got out of the carriage and found Mogen, who remained in the castle on their behalf, raising her hand slightly and waving it.

Mogen approached them and nodded.

“Both of you have come back.”

“What happened”

“The Young Lord of the Jutern Marquisate is the problem.”

It was a few days before Hert left the place that he caught and imprisoned the Young Lord, who had fled as soon as the battle for estate broke out and before victory or defeat was even decided.

Mogen reported to Hert in detail about what had happened.

Mogen’s report of how much commotion they had caused didn’t end until they passed the front door and climbed the stairs.

Because of this, Hert’s forehead was in such a wrinkled state that it seemed like he could not frown anymore.

“…I know you’re tired because you just came back, but Sir, you should go.”

“Trash bastard.”

Hert grew annoyed.

Since Marquis Borwen had already made his nerves sensitive, it has increased even more by having to pay attention to the Young Lord.

In his heart, he wanted to cut off his head and hang him on the wall like the Marquis of Jutert.

However, according to the Kingdom’s laws, there was an obligation given to the victor from the moment when he won the battle for the estate.

In the case of the Young Lord, after the Marquis had died, he had to become the head of the Jutert Marquisate and take over the household, so he had to take good care of him until Hert could completely take over the estate.

The battle for the territory was over immediately, but the takeover process was still ongoing.

If the Young Lord died in the meantime, problems could arise in the future.

“I knew it right from the moment he ran away.”

Next to him, Lange added this, as if he had agreed to Hert’s swear words.

Even when he was captured, he could remember how the Young Lord yelled and screamed ‘Do you even know who I am!’

“I don’t even need to see him.

Just lock him up somewhere underground or in a spire.”

Hert replied as if it wasn’t even worth dealing with.

Mogen looked at him with a slightly bewildered look on her face.

“Aren’t I supposed to just keep his neck intact and let him breathe”

“It is, but…”

“Then lock him up.”

As he said that, one corner of Lange’s lips tugged up when he looked at Mogen.

Reluctantly, Mogen nodded and stepped back.

At that moment, Hert paused for a moment and turned to Mogen.

“What about that woman”

“Ah, I’ve taken the measures you mentioned earlier.

Shall I call her”

Hert thought about it for a moment, and then took a step and responded.

“Call her.”


* * *


“What are you having so much fun with, Lee”

A long-haired man, with hair coming down to his waist, approached the Marquis who was lying leisurely on the sofa.

As he took off the wig over the Marquis’ head, the dark purple hair cascaded softly.

“It’s fun.

The appearance of not listening to my words and regretting it later.”

I was trying to tell you clearly. She remembered the young knight who stormed away in the middle of their conversation.

He said he didn’t like her surprise gift.

Cheeky bastard.

Nevertheless, the Marquis burst into laughter.

‘If you don’t listen, it’s your loss, right’

On the other hand, the man looked at the Marquis with a slightly surprised face.

“Who is it Who doesn’t listen to Lee”

“That guy.

The guy I took in as my servant knight on the battlefield.”

“Ah, that knight”

“Yes, that guy.”

The Marquis raised her upper body.

Then, the hair that came down to her waist fluttered lightly.

The man gently grabbed the woman’s hair and kissed her lips.

“You seem to be disguised as a man more than that.”

“Yeah, it wasn’t long after the war ended, but the liver eating bastards showed up.

My dog ​​also needs to rest for a while, so I have no choice but to move.”

The Marquis got up from the sofa and walked over to the desk.

On her desk were papers pertaining to an incident she was recently reported to.

Among them, there was a report about a building with beautiful vines that bloomed over the bricks.

As the Marquis sat down on her desk, the man came over and handed her a cigar.

There was a strong, pungent smell from the lit cigar.

The Marquis muttered as she took a deep draw of it.

“You do pretty things.

How dare you do it without my permission on my land”

That’s why stupid things don’t have the ability to learn.

The smoke that the Marquis exhaled floated up into the air.

Next to that woman, the man laughed loudly.

“Lee, you look like a villain now.”


* * *


“Let go of this! You bastards!”

Ferdale continued to swear.

Even so, the knights who bound his limbs didn’t seem to care at all.

It was obvious that they were ignoring him.

“Since when has he been the owner of this place! You f*cking bastards! Call that bastard right now! Call him!”

Ferdale tried to hold out as much as possible by using all kinds of powers, but it was impossible for him, who usually went to the gambling house, to deal with the knight.

In the end, he was dragged out by the knights like a piece of paper.

Mogen, who was waiting for Ferdale outside, looked at him with a pathetic expression.

“Take him quickly and lock him up.”

She pointed the knights to the spire of the castle’s outskirts.

It was a place that would become Ferdale’s residence from now on.

In fact, it was only a ‘residence’ in name, but in reality, it was almost like a prison.

Because of this, Ferdale noticed this and struggled, not wanting to go.

“Damn it, I’m going to make you all regret it! Try me! Try and treat me like this, I’m the Young Lord of Jutert! Do you think the nobles will stay still!”

“So if you had been quiet, none of this would have happened.

What are you doing Take him quickly.”

As soon as Mogen instructed, the waiting knights moved again.

Ferdale gritted his teeth as he stared at Mogen as he moved away. Bastard b*tch, I’ll mess you up.


* * *


As soon as the news of Hert’s return came, Tessa was dragged in front of the mirror by Janet’s hand.

Janet was overjoyed with excitement, for whatever reason.

“Hey, why all of a sudden…”

“Tessa, don’t worry.

I’ll make you pretty! Jin, did you bring it”

At Janet’s question, her exclusive maid behind her nodded her head.

There were several dresses on the long hanger, which the maid brought.

These were the clothes that Janet had instructed the employees to bring.

Tessa was embarrassed by Janet for bringing her this dress and that.

“Janet, wait a minute.

What is this…”

“You can’t just go and do nothing.

Stay still, Tessa.

Because I’ll make you look pretty.

Just trust me.

Can’t you trust me”

“No, it’s not that…”

“I will make you so pretty that anyone will fall in love at first sight.

They will never not fall in love with you.

Come on, straighten your back! Look straight ahead.”

Janet crouched down and scolded Tessa for covering her body.

Then she turned to Mani for help.

At Janet’s instructions, Mani looked at Tessa for a moment, then she came closer and she corrected Tessa’s posture.

Tessa asked Mani if ​she’s really going to do this, and she nodded slightly.

“Madam, trust Madam Vellodem.

It’s not a loss for you.”

“Even so, I…”

Tessa looked into the mirror in front of her.

There was still an ugly and tacky woman in that reflection.

Tessa shook her head.

She was grateful for Janet’s favor, but this wasn’t it.

How could she dress up when she was in this situation

Above all, he…

“…It’s useless to do this.”

Tessa lowered her head.

What is the point of wearing expensive clothes, jewels, and powders She was shabby and a mess from the start.

This, too, was something that only someone who was suited to it could do.

For an orphan like her, who was born with nothing, it was nothing more than an act of resentment.

Previously, Tessa turned her gaze away as if she hated seeing herself.

There was a time when Tessa thought she was pretty.

The children of the orphanage often complimented Tessa that she was as pretty as a fairy, and when she went out by chance, it was common to hear that she was a beautiful girl on the street.

But now she knew that those compliments were just empty words.

‘I was too young back then.

I was so naive… Actually, I’m not good looking.’

Coming here, Tessa realized.

She was a frog in a well and that there really were many more pretty girls than her.

The Lord’s wives were all beautiful and elegant.

Moreover, their gestures and etiquette were as natural as their breathing, and just seeing them drink tea was like seeing a goddess in a painting.

Even the maids who worked for them knew better manners than Tessa.

And they also had better looks.

Tessa naturally had to think of herself as the ugliest of them all.

Her ginger-colored hair, something she was once proud of, seemed tacky, and her olive-colored eyes looked dull.

She was nothing but a crude woman in this place.


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