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‘Ah, it’s strange, really, it’s strange…’

Tessa was crying now.

As she tried to get away from Hert, she unconsciously shook her hips and scratched the desk.

Seeing this, Hert’s lips twisted sullenly.

Her entrance, which had been holding out, gradually began to crumble, tightening around him, and now she was trying to run away from him.

‘Where are you going’

As Hert began to feel it, he thought Tessa was brazen for rejecting him.

He never intended to let Tessa go like this.

With his hand preventing her escape, he pulled her arms back.

Then, he crossed her two wrists and grabbed her with the palms of his hands.

“Hey, now… It’s worth it, but be still.”

“Heuk… It’s weird, I mean, it’s weird…”

“It’s strange but, keugh, isn’t it good”

Hert grabbed Tessa’s arm.

Thanks to this, Tessa’s upper body was raised, putting strength to one leg that touched the floor.

Hert immediately clasped behind Tessa’s back and moved his hips.

Tessa trembled with a high moan.

“Ah, huhk, uh, uhhng!”

Hert started to thrust into her while holding onto both of Tessa’s wrists.

Tessa felt a heavy foreign body move in and out of her, and she closed her eyes even tighter.

It felt like her body was becoming dough.

The pain didn’t go away completely, but the corresponding pleasure weighed her down.

‘No, weird noises keep coming out of my mouth… Oh, this is so…’

Tessa wanted to deny the moans she uttered.

It sounded like a vulgar coquettish voice.

The very fact that she was letting Hert hear these voices made her embarrassed.

What would he think when he’d hear her moans

‘As expected, I’m also a vulgar woman…’

No, she was already like a prostitute herself.

She was like a prostitute from the moment she made up her mind to pay him any price for her crimes with her body.

Perhaps she had been a prostitute for a much longer time.

From the moment she was sold on behalf of the Baron’s daughter.

As time passed, there was a squelching, strange wet sound coming from where they were joined.

Every time the man’s atrocious object entered and exited the woman’s entrance, it came out drenched with fluids.

Hert liked that slippery feeling.

He closed his eyes and focused on moving with his whole body.

“Ah, He… Her, t, hagh, hah, huu, uhk, nngh… Hng!”

“Haa, I think I’m going crazy.”

Hert’s climax was near, and he pushed Tessa back onto the desk and she fell on her stomach.

He lowered one of her raised legs and held her pelvis firmly.

Then he began to thrust into Tessa as hard as he could.

The squeaky, dull rubbing sound grew faster and faster.

“Her, huhk, uhh… Ung, ahng, uhk!”

Tessa was distracted by the sensation of the foreign object that kept pushing in.

Her breath caught suffocated every time the large thing came in, but what bothered her the most was the raw pleasure rising up her spine.

She was like she was going to be ruined.

It felt like her head was not functioning properly.

She could hear Hert’s breathing getting stronger than before.

Haa, haa, it was the sound of breathing as if something was being suppressed.

In fact, it was the same with Tessa who was breathing heavily.

She gasped for breath and kept her face on the desk.

Her body was reaching its limits.

Even in her hazy mind, she could vaguely feel it.

“Tessa, Te, ssa… Ha, ** it.”

“Ahhk, uhng, nngh, ah, huhk, hngh!”

At that moment, Hert’s grip on her pelvis tightened.

He soon grabbed Tessa and pushed his member into the innermost part of her.


Hert’s long sigh, low and heavy, burst out at the same time as Tessa’s high moan.

Also, something exploded inside her.

It was a warm liquid that was cooler contrary to the scorching inner walls.


A large amount of s*men was shot into Tessa’s body without hesitation.

Hert shoved every last drop into her before pulling back.

Then, he realized Tessa had shown no signs of moving.


Tessa was lying on the desk, unconscious.

Above all, her complexion, with a cold sweat on her forehead, was as pale as a dead person.

The moment Hert saw it, it felt like his heart was pounding and sinking.

Immediately he checked her breathing.

Hert sighed in relief as soon as he confirmed that Tessa was alive.

Had it not been for her feeble breath, he would have only known that she was dead.

Damn it. Suddenly, he spit out a swear word.

Now that he saw it, it was absurd what he had done.

Holding a woman in a place like this.

Was he out of his mind

At that time, white s*men dripped from the entrance that had been widened to the limit to accept his thing.

It was the seed he had poured in Tessa a while ago.

The amount was so large that it could not stay inside and came out.

Hert looked at Tessa’s p*ssy for a moment.

It felt strange to see his s*men flowing out of her.

From her head to her toes, it was making something in his chest tingle.

Also, because of the love affair with him, Tessa’s entrance was swollen red, and the problem was that he felt his hips urging to move again when he saw it.

Hert ruffled his hair roughly and cursed.

“A bastard that is not even as good as a beast.”









Misunderstandings and Misconceptions

‘Hert is scary.’

Tessa, who was pumping water from the well, looked up at the words of a friend from the same orphanage.

What does that mean Tessa blinked her eyes and her friend shrugged his shoulders.

‘Every day, with an expressionless face, he never talked with the kids.’

‘Uh… No.

Hert smiles a lot too, you know He talks a lot, he jokes a lot…’

‘That’s, because he’s close with you, Tessa.’

The mouth of the friend who said that was sticking out into a pout.

Then, the friend started talking to Tessa about Hert’s usual behavior.

Like a student telling on someone else to a teacher.

Of course, Tessa knew early on that Hert didn’t play well with other children except for her.

That’s because the boy was almost always by her side.

‘It is, but… Still, Hert isn’t scary.’

Tessa grunted and scooped up the water, then poured it into the half-full bucket.

A friend who filled his water bottle next to her snorted.

‘It’s obvious.

I think Hert likes you.’

‘…Wh-what What are you talking about’

‘Huh It’s Hert! He must have come to find you!’

‘Wait a minute, Johnny…’

‘I’m going first.

See you later!’

The friend who saw Hert coming here in the distance hurriedly grabbed a water bottle and ran in the other direction.

Tessa, who was trying to catch him, eventually turned her head as the long shadow fell over her and looked up at Hert who was approaching her.

He had just washed his hair and his hair was wet.

‘Give it to me, I’ll do it.’

‘No, I can do it.

You just washed.

What if you sweat again’

‘I can wash again.

Just give it.

Don’t you remember the last time you spilled water in the middle while you were being stubborn like now’

Ugh, touching on the past that she wanted to forget, Tessa gave Hert a sullen look as if to protest, but it didn’t work at all.

Hert quickly took the bucket from Tessa’s hand and threw it into the well.

Then, as the boy pulled the rope, a bucket full of water came up.

‘Look, if I do it, it’s finished all at once like this.’

When Hert poured water into the bucket, the bucket was full.

He picked up a full bucket of water and moved forward without showing a single sign of struggle.

Tessa grunted as she followed him.

‘Still, I can’t just get help from you every day.

I should do what I can by myself.

So even when you’re not there…’

‘That’s not going to happen.

Because I will always be by your side.’

‘How are you so sure about that’

Hert stopped abruptly and looked at Tessa.

Tessa flinched at this and looked at him with bewildered eyes.

‘Wh-what! Why are you looking at me like that!’

Hert’s eyes narrowed for an instant.

‘Okay, then I won’t tell.’

At the end of those words, he sped past Tessa and walked forward.

Only Tessa, who was left alone, was dumbfounded.

‘Is it because you’re going through puberty Sometimes it’s really strange to look at you like this.’

Tessa, who quickly caught up with Hert, said with a frown on her forehead.

But no answer came back.

Hert only glanced at Tessa for a moment and then walked forward.

Is it really because of puberty Tessa tilted her head to the side and then passed on to Hert exactly what she had heard from her friend.

‘Someone said you seem to like me.

So I’m asking, do you like me’

From Tessa’s point of view, it was impossible to tell whether Hert liked her as the opposite sex or not.

Ever since he first met her at her orphanage, Hert has always been kind to her and was willing to help her a lot.

In Tessa’s opinion, Hert’s attitude had not changed.

Yesterday and today, Hert was always Hert.

‘…What do you think Do you think I like you’

Hert’s answer, which seemed to say ‘don’t say anything strange,’ came back a beat later with a completely different answer.

The girl and boy now stopped walking and looked at each other.

Tessa was speechless for a moment as Hert’s face was more serious than expected.

Does Hert really like her Tessa stuttered unknowingly.

‘I, I don’t know.

You have always been kind to me… Because we’ve always been together… Well, but this is so weird that you like me…’

‘I like you.’

It felt like everything had stopped at those words.

Within the blue sky above the boy’s head, floating clouds, leaves rustling in the wind, and even the chirping of birdsongs.

Tessa stared blankly at the blonde hair fluttering in the wind and the eyes shining brightly beneath them.

Oh, why didn’t I know

Hert was always looking at her with that expression and that gaze.

Even if there was no change, that feeling didn’t go away.

‘I like you.

I like you, Tessa.’

Suddenly, the boy whose cheeks were flushed shyly confessed.

Tessa closed her eyes.



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