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Hert hurriedly grabbed Tessa’s hips, and his manhood that felt like it was about to burst at any moment.

It was the moment when Tessa, who was drunk with haze, turned to look back at him in ominousness.

Hert grabbed her pelvis and pulled her towards him, penetrating her with force.

This time, an unexpected pain came over Tessa.


Tessa screamed at the piercing pain.

It was as if an uncomfortable feeling of foreign body was stabbed until her stomach.

She tried to breathe, but she was suffocating.

It was so painful… But there was nothing she could say in this situation, where she couldn’t even breathe properly.

Tessa raised her hands and scratched the top of the desk with her nails.

Tears flowed from the corners of her eyes at the pain she had never experienced before.

It felt like her body was torn in half from between her legs.

Otherwise, such pain would not have been possible.

Tessa buried her face on the desk and continued to weep.

Tessa thought that she might be punished like this because she had committed an indelible sin.

This is also part of paying the price for sin, and this pain is also something she had to endure.

In hindsight, this was nothing compared to the pain Hert suffered.

At least Tessa wasn’t a slave, and she wasn’t forced into a terrible battlefield.

At least she was given a bed on which she could sleep with her legs stretched out, and though it wasn’t plentiful, she at least had meals every day so that she would not be hungry.

Although she sometimes starved when she was locked up in solitary confinement.

After all, if this was the punishment given to her, she had to endure.

Whatever the punishment is, if Hert wanted it.

Finally, Tessa clenched her teeth and closed her eyes.

She just prayed and hoped that this moment would end soon.

“Hoo… It’s very tight.”

The man’s low breath poured from behind her back.

The inner wall had his c*ck clamped tightly.

Although it was painful, Hert seemed to understand the pleasure of putting it in.

The unbearable feeling of wanting to c*m flooded in as the hot, damp inner walls enveloped him.

It gave her more pleasure than her mouth.

Hert tried to hold back his climax as much as he could, and slowly tightened his back.

“Ah, uhhk, uhh…”

Tessa, on the other hand, felt like someone was scraping her stomach with a rake as his member came out and her inner walls convulsed with it.

She clenched her teeth, holding back her tears as much as she could, but she couldn’t stop the moaning from between her teeth.

Then the manhood came back in and started to crush her inside. Shhhk.


“Mmmhh, uhh!”

“Haa, f*ck, this…”

Hert let out a low groan unknowingly.

As soon as he started pounding, he felt a sense of pleasure.

It felt like his brain was melting away in no time.

For that reason, he remembered the words of his fellow soldier, saying that it was good enough that you could die for it.

Hert laughed involuntarily.

The fellow soldier, who was now dead, was like a dog in heat, who was always looking for and sleeping with women on days when there was no battle.

As if to ridicule the inexperienced Hert, he talked in front of him each time about his nights.

At the time, he snickered at him, thinking that he was such a vulgar bastard, but now he couldn’t.

Right now, that vulgar bastard was himself.

With his hips pounding into hers, the stiff member pierced through inside and gradually began to speed up.

Hert grabbed Tessa’s pelvis and waist and pushed her hard. Thump-thump, the pillar went in as deeply as it could and touched her cervix.

Tessa gasped and let out a deep breath every time the glans pushed its head in.

It never seemed to end, this pain.

“…Hahk, uhh!”

The huge manhood didn’t even recognize the body of an inexperienced woman and it continued to thrust in mercilessly.

Tessa was shaken by the recoil, but she tried not to groan as much as she could.

But the feeling of the stomach being filled and then nothing was something she couldn’t get used to.

Above all, with her being unprepared, the manhood was close to a weapon that only caused her pain.

“Uhk, uh, ah… Heugh!”

Unlike Tessa, who was struggling, Hert was concentrating on pounding to the point where sweat broke out on his forehead.

An indescribable pleasure shook his entire body each time the woman’s white a*s slammed against his groin.

The hole that easily devoured him little by little also excited him even more.

“Did you, haa, do this with that, hoo, old bastard”

While pounding his hips frantically at the pleasure, Hert suddenly became annoyed.

How many times did that old man come and go here He might have done it every day.

Because this inside was enchanting.

With that thought in mind, Hert unknowingly clenched his teeth.

It was his from the beginning, and he had to be the only one who could get into this, but he didn’t like it, thinking that it had already been taken away once.

“That old man, haa, how was it Huh”


Hert stuck his member closer together to dig deeper.

Tessa groaned as reached her cervix.

Scratching the top of the desk with her fingernails, she clenched her fists so tightly that her veins stood out.

Seeing it, he narrowed his eyes.

As it turned out, her moan had significantly decreased since before.

Occasionally she went ‘uhk, heuk’ but it was just an intermittent moan.

Hert remembered the love affairs between soldiers and women.

He didn’t look closely, but in a situation he witnessed once in a while, the women always exuded a conspicuous voice.

As if she couldn’t stand it.

The legs were also gripping the man’s waist like a snake.

Thus, the two men and women glanced at each other and concentrated on the act like beasts.

But the woman lying in front of Hert was different.

Unlike him, who gasped and clung to her like a dog without realizing it, she responded to their union without uttering a single voice.

It was more accurate in saying that she was holding it in.

Hert’s face gradually hardened at this.

‘Are you saying I’m not even as good as that old man’

Hert, who slowed down his waist so that only the tip was caught inside her, eventually he grabbed the woman’s hips and pulled it up strongly. Puck! The dagger-like c*ck pierced her innermost parts.

With that, Tessa’s hand slid across the desk, and only then did a terrifying scream pour out of her mouth.


“Why aren’t you saying anything Haa, f*ck it, something like this… Don’t you think it’s not enough”

“No, hagh, ugh!”

“Kugh, talk to me, you have to talk to me… Ha, don’t you know”

Hert was starting to get angry with Tessa for holding it in.

It was because he had no way of knowing what that little head of hers was thinking when her mouth was firmly shut as she only scratched the desk pitifully.

Rather, if it hurts, she should say it hurts, if she doesn’t like it, say she doesn’t like it.

Tessa refused to utter a single word.

This was the first time he was having s*x.

Hert did not know how to make a woman’s body hot, nor to create pleasure.

All he knew was from the crude jokes he had picked up by the soldiers while they were rolling on the battlefield, from stories of the experiences of those sarcastic bastards.

Hert’s eyebrows narrowed.

“Then just try holding out like that.”

Hert’s movement began to become more ferocious than before.

For that reason, the member that stabbed her here and there at random made it increasingly difficult for Tessa to endure.

Every time the man moved from the inside to the outside, the pain kept pouring out even when she clenched her teeth in pain.

Tessa’s body moved randomly as Hert grabbed it and shook it.

At the same time, the desk on which her upper body was attached also rattled and shook violently.

Every time Hert pushed in, her breath was caught in her throat, and her eyes dizzy.


That was the moment.

When the blunt glans pricked a part, Tessa let out a short moan.

Her belly was also rattling.

What is this It was a strange feeling that cannot be expressed in words.

Tessa thought she had misunderstood a feeling different from the pain.

But when Hert stabbed her in the same spot as before, Tessa’s reaction was soon evident.


It was definitely not painful.

To call it pain, her mind seemed to white out for a moment.

Her hands and feet are clenched and strength entered… Thrust! The man dug inside her once more.


Tessa then panicked when a thin, high moan came out of her mouth.

She was bewildered when the pain was significantly less than the previous one.

Instead, even she could clearly feel the tightening of her lower belly.

Hert, who was beating around, was also slowing down.

“…What are you, if you suddenly tighten it like that…”

“Ah, uhk, heuk… Uhng!”

“…… Is it here”

Hert pulled his back and pushed it back forward.

Tessa flinched as his c*ck hit her to find exactly where the woman reacted.

It was a very different reaction from before, when she was just stiff from pain earlier.

Above all, there was a difference in the tightening of her inner walls.

As she was vaguely biting his thing, she tightened as if it was going to absorb him at some point.

Tessa’s face heated up rapidly as Hert kept pressing on it.

Her toes were also bent inward.

It was only for a brief moment, but her body exuded a tingling sensation of pleasure.

Moreover, although not all of the pain had subsided, she still managed to bear it for now.

“It, it’s str… strange, uhhkk!”

“Haa, are you feeling it now”

“No, ah, uhhng… uhk, that, that, hngh…”

“What not.

It’s… It’s different from tightening…”

“Ah, huuhkk…! No, no, ahhng!”


Tessa shook her head as she felt this pleasure that she had never felt before.

An insertion that was so painful a few minutes ago was now quite tolerable.

No, rather, every time Hert rushes in, a thrilling sensation would come up through her spine, and the pain had become something new.

It was as if the devil was taking over her body.

It definitely hurt.

She was in so much pain that she wanted to pass out.

At one point, Tessa’s body was completely transformed.

Even his member, which tightly filled her insides, was now stimulating to her.

“He, Her, I… uhhk, uhh, st, stop…”

“Does it still hurt”

“Tha, that’s not… Not, this, uhk!”

Heuk, no, it’s weird.


Haa, don’t… Her whole body began to itch.

Tessa now began to get goosebumps in a different sense as the huge pillar pounded down into her.

Thanks to this, her throat burned.

Her body was gradually losing strength.

Then a haze came over her again, along with the remaining heat.


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