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‘Snap out of it, what more are you going to do here…’

But even as he thought about it, Hert’s gaze still remained on Tessa.

The hem of Tessa’s night gown was open from earlier, revealing her thin, white flesh.

Despite her thin body, the two round peaks were upright while hidden inside.

Seeing this, Hert felt his lower body boil.

At that moment, he met the dark green eyes resembling olives, just like before.

Hert narrowed his brows unknowingly.

Tessa was startled and immediately lowered her gaze.

Then, she suddenly blurted out an apology.

“…I’m sorry.

Because, because I couldn’t swallow.

I should have swallowed it…”

“Swallow What are you talking about”

“I… spat it out the Sir’s…”

Hert knew what Tessa was talking about.

She seemed to think he was angry because she didn’t swallow his s*men.

Because of this, Hert was at a loss for words for a moment.

Was she going to swallow that dirty thing Hert couldn’t understand.

Why would she swallow that thing What the hell did she usually do with the Lord…

Hert recognized that his head suddenly became cold.

“If, if you give me another chance…”


“I can do better…”

When Hert didn’t say anything, Tessa looked at him and spoke carefully.

She didn’t want to offend him as much as she could on her part.

However, contrary to Tessa’s wishes, the words provoked the fire that was boiling in Hert’s chest.

Hert begrudgingly grabbed Tessa from the floor and lifted her up.

She was so light that her body was lifted easily.

He led the still puzzled woman to the desk.

He pressed Tessa down on her back to prevent her from moving, making her lie face down on top of the desk.

Tessa reflexively rubbed her body as she felt a sharp pain in her forgotten back wound.

Hert then grabbed the back of Tessa’s head and pressed it to the desk.

“Please, wa, wait, ah!”

“Shut up and be still.”

In a similar situation like the first day, Tessa urgently called him, but she was ignored.

Hert lowered his hand under her and began to lift the hem of her night gown.

He was going crazy.

The flame that Tessa had ignited had become a fire that engulfed the entire forest.

‘You can do ‘better’ I’m not playing with you…!’

Even if he knew Tessa had no intention of doing this here.

But he changed his mind.

She had been mocking him and making fun of him since before, and he couldn’t leave her alone.

The sight of Tessa who shut her mouth to the questions he really wanted, now actively coming up with this unexpectedly—it’s like she was toying with him by making Hert’s heart pound again.

‘You provoked me in the first place.’

Hert sighed and fumbled for Tessa’s undergarments.

The innermost, slightly damp cloth was touched.

He quickly pulled it down and felt her wet lower lips.

Tessa shook her limbs in surprise as a hot hand touched her.

The, there…!

“I told you to stay still.”

Suddenly, a long, thick finger began to pierce her entrance without notice.

Tessa let out a silent scream and scratched the desk.

Her body stiffened with tension at the feeling of an unfamiliar foreign object.

However, she did not rebel like the first day.

She just closed her eyes and pressed her face to the desk to catch her breath.

Tessa did not want to offend Hert.

She doesn’t know why he was suddenly so angry with her, but she decided to give in to him.

Pleasing a man was something Tessa was familiar with anyway.

All she had to do was keep quiet and follow what the man wanted, without any rebellion as much as possible.

“Ah, huk…”

The only difficulty was that Hert’s hand gestures were too clumsy and rough.

The man’s thick fingers recklessly pricked Tessa’s insides and stirred the inside walls at will.

It felt like her skin was being swept away.

Although her walls were wet, Tessa never had such an experience, so she was greatly burdened.

“You’re biting on one finger and won’t let go.”

“N, no… Uh, uhk!”

After a while, the number of his fingers stirring her inner walls increased.

Then, it burst out with more bodily fluids little by little.

This made it easier for the fingers to get in and out of the walls.

But, unfortunately, the pain was still there.

Tessa buried her contorted face on the desk and clenched her teeth.

The feeling of a foreign body scratching the inner walls was very strange.

It felt like there was a parasitic thing inside her.

‘It feels so strange…’

How could the other wives endure this Or was she the only one who can’t stand it It could be that she is having a harder time because she is not used to it.

Tessa tightly closed her eyes, trying not to show any pain.

She wished Hert didn’t know she was in pain.

Before long, his fingers came out and hot flesh touched her entrance.

Tessa could tell it was Hert’s member without turning her head to look back.

He’s, he’s already putting it in… Tessa trembled at his attempt to insert himself faster than expected.

As she sucked on his thing, she knew how big it was, so she was scared.

‘That, my, insides…’

Hert pushed to the side one of Tessa’s legs as it wasn’t easy to insert himself into the entrance.

As Tessa’s weight shifted forward, her lower lips opened even more.

Then he could see the red flesh glistening with c*m.

Seeing this, Hert’s lower body throbbed even more.

He took his place and inserted himself inside her.

His patience was getting shorter than before.

“He, rt… wai, hah!”

The round head rubbed her sloppy entrance.

He hadn’t even entered yet, but he could feel the hot, humid heat.

Hert hurriedly opened the entrance and wanted to go inside.

It was as if his instinct wanted it.

Come on, go inside and stir her with yours.

“Haa, relax.”

The entrance was full before the weapon-like thing could enter.

Hert frowned when he couldn’t get in as he wanted.

Inexperienced, he had no way of knowing whether the woman’s entrance was loosened or not.

After he became a strong adult, he stayed only in places full of men, so he didn’t know the reaction of women either.

From Hert’s point of view, it just felt like Tessa was rejecting him.

“You don’t like me, do you ”

“It’s, it’s not like that, no, heuk…”

“Then why don’t you open up here”

“Sor, sorry… heuk!”

Hert suddenly grabbed Tessa’s back tightly.

He was willing to force her entrance open.

In fact, he wondered if his manhood would really fit in that narrow hole.

But he thought it would be fine.

Isn’t it a hole for birthing children Most of all, what he heard from the soldiers was that the bigger the men’s things were, the more the women liked it.

Hert’s patience ran out of bounds, and he began to shove his manhood.


“Kegh, f*ck, why are you so tight”

Her thighs trembled violently from the bottom that was forced open.

Tessa burst into tears and shook her head haphazardly.

It hurts, it hurts so much… However, the man’s hand was suppressing her by pressing on her back.

Tessa couldn’t even struggle, just holding her breath.

“Ah… hahk!”

But as the flesh continued to ignorantly enter the opening that had barely opened until it was about to rip, Tessa trembled in fear.

How far would he… She sniffled in pain and fear.

It’s not that she was rejecting him, but she wants him to relieve this pain a little bit.

“He, Her… To, too, ack!”

“Haa, I’m not even halfway in yet.”

Holding Tessa’s back tightly, Hert looked down, she was barely swallowing the tip of his manhood.

It was a narrow hole that was too tight, even though only its head was put in.

Because of that, even he who tried to insert it felt pain.

‘They said they would go crazy when they put it in.

It was all lies.

Damn it.’

He frowned and chewed a swear word.


Are you saying that you did it with that old man and liked it and you hate mine”

“Heeuk, that, that’s not it, ah…”

“Damn it.”

Hert gently bit her back.

He lifted his hand from the woman’s lower back and began to trace and touch the junction where they were attached.

He drew a circle along the hole that was open to the limit, then he found the protruding cl*toris and started rubbing it with his fingertips.

‘They said they like it when you touch it here.’

The round nub, much smaller than the little finger, was said to be a woman’s erogenous zone.

He remembered how the soldiers around him boasted that if he touched it well, the women would curl up on the bed and cry.

He didn’t listen to it because he wanted to, but he didn’t know it’s going to be so helpful.

He didn’t know what it’s like to touch someone, but Hert rubbed her cl*toris hard.

But for a while, Tessa struggled with only a painful moan, and she showed no sign of liking it.

Her lower hole that was biting his thing was still stiff.

Even in the midst of this, the erected member was desperately wanting to enter.

His lower body became uncomfortable.

Hert felt as if he was approaching his limit, narrowed his brow and exhaled a breath.

Hert stopped touching the cl*toris and started stroking Tessa’s buttocks and thighs instead.

He felt the body of the woman so skinny that her bones stood out in his fingertips.

Why was her body like this Hert thought he had to instruct his servants to take care of her meals.

Although thin, the woman’s body was lean and soft.

It was much softer and warmer than the female body he had imagined, holding and stroking himself, which he often did alone.

In fact, his hands felt better than the expensive velvet cloak he was awarded.

Delusions cannot keep up with reality.

Hert unknowingly concentrated on touching Tessa’s body.

Meanwhile, Tessa was able to relax her body little by little as Hert touched her body with his large hands.

Moreover, the gentle and slow stroke of his hand evoked nostalgia for a long time ago.

It was like that time when they were affectionate and precious to each other.

Suddenly, Tessa felt like she was about to cry.

So she bit her lips.

She hoped that not even the faint cries would flow out.

Fortunately, except for that, her body was definitely getting more relaxed.

Rather, the tension was relieved, and the remaining heat became hazy.

That was the time.

“…I have done enough.”


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