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It is unbelievable for Shen ShuiYan to say these words, even if it is acting.

After all, with a greedy temperament, what is his is his, no matter what the situation or situation is, it must belong to him absolutely.


He couldn’t put a shred of sand in his eyes, so what he said was already a great challenge to himself.

 Moreover, Chu MuYun clearly felt that Shen ShuiYan was not lying to him.

What he said was true.

But he couldn’t agree.

If the person who said this to him was Ye Jianhan or even Mo JiuShao, Chu MuYun might just have a showdown.

But facing Shen ShuiYan, Chu MuYun couldn’t.

Because he knows Shen ShuiYan and his nature too well.

What he said on impulse now is sincere, but if he really saw him entangled with other men with his own eyes… Don’t say anything more exaggerated, just look at each other, words, and a little intimacy, it’s afraid it will make Shen ShuiYan go out of control and explode into excessive behaviors which would disrupt the situation.

Shen ShuiYan was an unstable factor and Chu MuYun would not discuss cooperation with such an unstable factor.

After a very short silence, Chu MuYun said blankly: “Your Excellency… Ah-Mu doesn’t quite understand… Uh…” 

Before he could finish speaking, Shen ShuiYan had already kissed him fiercely, which was different from the previous kiss.

Different from the eager and emotional kiss, this kiss was full of anger, unwillingness, great grief and deep disappointment.

He kissed him rudely as if venting his anger, and the movements of his hands was extremely arrogant.

To tell the truth, Mr.

Chu, who is constantly on the move, felt a little bit cowardly.

Wouldn’t he be killed again if he stepped onto the horse

Shen ShuiYan was obviously in a hurry.

He was very sure that this was Ah-Yun but he had debased himself so much and even begged, and he had even given up his bottom line, but the other person was still so indifferent, still using a look of ignorance to stimulate him.

Why…why are you being so cruel to him

Why was he the only one who keeps missing those beautiful memories

Why… was only he trapped within it and couldn’t get rid of this curse

Chu MuYun passively endured it, showing only anxiety and fear, but no resistance at all.

Who doesn’t admire Shen ShuiYan in this misty palace

So his reaction right now was reasonable and unremarkable.

But it was too reasonable and unremarkable so it desperately poked people’s hearts.

Shen ShuiYan was completely eroded by the violence inside his heart.

His mind was full of dark and negative emotions.

He had fantasized about his encounter for three thousand years, but what he got was ‘we don’t know each other’.

He was willing to accept everything and deviate from his principles but the other person still refused to give him a chance, not even one!

What did he do wrong What made him torture him like this Just because he killed Xie QianLan Just because… Does he actually love Xie QianLan more

Terrible jealousy burned in his chest,and his blatant desire for monopoly can no longer find a reason to be suppressed.

Shen ShuiYan had scarlet eyes as sought in vain to satisfy himself.

Chu MuYun begged in a low voice but Shen ShuiYan didn’t want to listen at all; all these false gestures, these disguised appearances, how could he tear them apart, how could he touch his heart… 

—But, he has no heart.

The abrupt words lit up in his mind like a lightbulb.

Shen ShuiYan was stunned for a while, then suddenly stopped all movements, he pulled away from the tight place and looked at the embarrassment of the people underneath him.

His heartache could no longer be concealed.

“Ah-Yun…” Shen ShuiYan’s voice trembled, like a child who did something wrong in a trance, “What should I do”

“Why do you have to do this to me Why do you always push no matter how many times Why can’t you open up to me”

Shen ShuiYan lowered his head and buried it between Chu MuYun’s neck, feeling the beating of his pulse, but his heart was up and down.

He felt like he was floating on the ice sea, without the slightest sense of security, and would be stabbed by those sharp ice cubes at any time and feel  hurt.

Shen ShuiYan stopped talking, he just hugged Chu MuYun like this, his body trembled slightly, and the hot liquid was flowing in a place where no one could see it.

Chu MuYun was stunned, all the emotions between his brows and eyes faded, he didn’t make any movement, he just let Shen ShuiYan hold him.

But, as though he was in a trance, a strong sense of familiarity came to his heart.

This familiarity was inexplicable, that sense of deja vu was inexplicable. 

A heavy but solid weight was pressing on the apex of his heart, making him feel a little frightened and uneasy.

It’s a sense of unease about the unknown, a fear of things that are gradually getting out of hand.

But Chu MuYun clearly felt that everything was not out of control and everything was within control.

But why were there such emotions

Chu MuYun whispered in his heart, “Zero…”

No one responded to him.

Suddenly, an unreachable void rushed towards his face and the unbearable feeling spread from the deepest part of his memory.

A dreadful loneliness permeated everywhere in his soul and there is no way to resist it, nor could it be resisted.

Chu MuYun was silent and the moment seemed like a lifetime.

After losing the concept of time, the very brief moment became eternal, endless and empty, but it still kept stretching out.


A trembling call made Chu MuYun wake up suddenly.

He looked at Shen ShuiYan, staring at him without blinking.

Taking off the disguise, those black eyes are as deep as the sea, and they seem to be able to directly penetrate the body and look directly into his soul.

Shen ShuiYan was stunned.

Chu MuYun pulled him closer and kissed his slightly trembling lips.

This was an active, warm, strong kiss, like a kiss that has been endured for a long time, suppressed for a long time, and finally does not want to be restrained any more, a completely indulgent kiss.

Shen ShuiYan soon recovered and kissed him back.

The two behaved fiercely like two beasts who had survived the winter and ushered in a new spring; frantically demanding, possessing, and declaring their absolute sovereignty over each other.

Descriptions of the wildest, fiery sex is not enough to describe the emotional excitement at this time.

The world was spinning, desperate, as though even if this was the last moment of life, they wanted to continue, wanted to finish these things that they shouldn’t but wanted to do.

However… a muffled sound, the earth shook and the mountain swayed down, completely crushing all of the sweetest dreams.

Chu MuYun’s dark eyes gradually became brighter, he looked at the shaking roof, and his mind returned.

What the hell was he doing

Chu MuYun closed his eyes, opened them again and by then he had fully recovered.

Shen ShuiYan was keenly aware of it.

He raised his head and saw a pair of indifferent eyes.

There was no lust at all, it seems that everything just now was just a dream of his own, when he woke up, everything was gone.

An extremely arrogant voice sounded from outside: “Mr.

WuQing {Refering to SSY, his palace is WuQing Palace}, Ling Xuan has come to the door with sincerity so why do you keep your door closed against me”


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