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Chapter 92: The Problem of the Song Family Incident (3)

Besides, how would a cultivator like her feel stressed because of the gaze of an ordinary person

If this spread, wouldnt it become a joke

Hearing Old Master Song ask anxiously behind her, Fang Yueqiu quickly collected herself from sorrow and patted her sons back to comfort him before letting him go a bit reluctantly right away.

This was the first time his son had taken the initiative to get close to her in more than two months since he came back.

If it werent that the situation wasnt right, she wanted to keep hugging her son forever.

Um, there seemed to be something wrong

“Nothing, just…”

Fang Yueqiu repeated what Lu Zijia said just then without missing a word.

In fact, she didnt really believe what Lu Zijia said in her mind, but she also hoped that it was true.

Because if it was true, the name of a forever loner that her son had been carrying for a total of 26 years could finally be removed.

After hearing Fang Yueqius explanation, Old Master Song and Song Zhuohai both didnt look good.

Because the giant landscape painting hung on the wall was a birthday gift that Song Zhuolan gave to Old Lady Song who had already passed away.

It just so happened that Old Lady Song suddenly had a heart attack and hence passed away the next morning after Song Zhuolan gifted her this landscape painting.

If what Lu Zijia said was true, Song Zhuolan would be the one who killed his own mother back then and he even imputed it to Song Zixuan who had just been born for a few days!

Thinking of this possibility, Old Master Song was short of breath and his face also flushed as if he couldnt breathe.



Old Master Song saw that the situation wasnt right and he suddenly passed out again.

Song Zhuohai and Fang Yueqiu were immediately startled.

Song Zhuohai was right next to Old Master Song, so he agilely held Old Master Song who fell down.


Looking at Old Master Song, Song Zixuan also showed a worried look.

Even though he resented his family in his mind, he couldnt watch something happen to them after all.

Fang Yueqiu took out her phone from her body in panic, “Ill call the ambulance.”

“Its too late.”

Lu Zijia walked over and squatted down as she moved the spiritual power inside her body.

She put one hand on Old Master Songs abdomen and used her spiritual power to nourish Old Master Songs organs.

“What are you doing”

Song Zhuohai was afraid that she would do something to hurt Old Master Song, so he immediately wanted to stop her.

Lu Zijia seemed to have just pushed him gently, but he was knocked further than one meter directly.

The moment Lu Zijia pushed Song Zhuohai away, she used another hand to grab Old Master Songs shoulder to prevent him from falling.

“Lu Zijia, you…”

As soon as Fang Yueqiu hung up, she saw that her husband was pushed away and she instantly thought Lu Zijia was about to hurt Old Master Song.

However, when she wanted to rush out, Song Zhuohai, who collected himself from the shock, stopped her.

“Hang on.”

Song Zhuohai stopped Fang Yueqius move as he glanced at Lu Zijia deeply, “She probably has no evil intentions.”

The moment Lu Zijia pushed him away, he sensed a strong energy clearly.

This energy reminded him of the master who said his son was a forever loner back then.

And yet, Lu Zijias energy just then seemed to be much more powerful than that of the master at that time.

If his feeling wasnt wrong, Lu Zijia might truly be a Taoist Master!

This speculation shocked Song Zhuohai fiercely.

At the same time, he exclaimed, “Lu Zijia really hid her identity too successfully.”


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