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“Theyre Martial Artists.

Theres another one in the car.” Lu Zijia glanced at the two men indifferently and said.

“Yeah,” Mu Tianyan replied, indicating that he understood.

However, the car didnt slow down.

Instead, it sped up and drove straight past them.

Hearing the furious scolding behind the car, Lu Zijia chuckled sarcastically, “There are always so many people in the world who take everything for granted.

You should have the attitude of asking someone for a favor.

Why are you still pretending to be a boss when youre begging someone Are you sure youre not stupid”

Meanwhile, the two men who were ignored by Mu Tianyan were so angry that their faces were livid.

They stared at the car that was leaving quickly as if they couldnt wait to bomb the car.

The man in black, Lu Haozhong, gritted his teeth and said fiercely with a livid face, “Outrageous! How dare he ignore us Dont let me meet him again, or Ill definitely let him know the consequences of ignoring us!”

Wang Tian still didnt speak, but his gaze was gloomier than Lu Haozhong.

At this moment, a gentle voice came from the car, which sounded very pleasant.

“Eldest Senior Brother, Second Senior Brother, why dont we get out of the car and walk Were almost there anyway.”

The back window slowly rolled down, revealing a gentle and beautiful face, giving people a feeling that she was weak and needed protection.

“How can we do that We promised Master that we would take good care of you.

How can we let you tire yourself out” Lu Haozhong quickly restrained his anger and said disapprovingly.

Wang Tian also quickly covered the haze in his eyes and smiled at the woman, comforting her, “Feier, dont worry.

Eldest Senior Brother and Second Senior Brother will think of a way.

If youre tired, just take a rest in the car.

Ill call you when we manage to hitch a ride.”

“But…” Cao Feier looked up at the already dark sky and hesitated.

Before she finished speaking, Wang Tian interrupted her first.

“Dont worry, I know what Im doing.

Dont you trust me”

“Right, Feier, dont worry.

Its hot outside.

Hurry up and close the window!” Lu Haozhong echoed.

Seeing that they insisted, Cao Feier could only give up the idea of getting out of the car and leaving.

“Alright, but if no car comes in half an hour, we can only get out of the car and walk.

Otherwise, we wont make it in time.”

“Alright, Junior, rest for a while more.” Wang Tian agreed directly this time.

When Cao Feier closed the window again, the expressions of Wang Tian and Lu Haozhong, who turned around, immediately changed.

“Eldest Senior Brother, that car just now must also be headed to where were going.

How dare they ignore us and make Junior Sister continue to wait in the car I must avenge Little Junior Sister!” In order not to let Cao Feier hear what he said, Lu Haozhong spoke to Wang Tian through voice transmission.

Wang Tian glanced at him.

“Those two should also be martial artists.

Dont act rashly.

Lets test their strength first.”

Hearing that, Lu Haozhong knew that he agreed to help his junior sister vent her anger.

“Dont worry, Eldest Senior Brother.

I know what to do.”

On the other side, Lu Zijia and her husband, who had already arrived at their destination, didnt know that they were targeted because of a small episode.

When the two of them arrived, there were already more than ten cars parked in the surrounding open space.

Obviously, many people arrived before them.

In order not to attract any attention, they each brought a backpack and disguised themselves as hikers.

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