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“Master Cat informed you When did it inform you Why didnt I know”

Song Zixuan looked shocked, as if he was still trying hard to recall what happened before in his mind.

“I raised the golden pagoda, so of course I have a special way to contact it.” Lu Zijia lied again without even batting an eyelid.

“Right, this bottle of Heqi Pills is for you.

It can strengthen your body.

One pill a month is enough.” Lu Zijia threw a small jade bottle at Song Zixuan and told him what the effect was.

Song Zixuan caught it quickly.

When he heard that it contained Heqi Pills, he looked at it with a strange expression.

“Is this the Heqi Pills that those people were almost going crazy trying to get Master Lu, are you sure these pills wont kill people Why do I feel like this Heqi Pill is like the modern version of the Longevity Elixir”

Song Zixuans imagination ran wild and there was obvious suspicion on his face.

Obviously, he didnt believe in pills.

Lu Zijia rolled her eyes helplessly.

“Right, right, itll kill people.

Give it back to me if youre afraid of death.”

If this guy wasnt a friend she acknowledged, she wouldnt have given him any for free! If he asked for more next time, she would definitely treat him like a regular customer and not give him any discount!

Song Zixuan subconsciously held the jade bottle in his hands, looking like he would rather die than return it.

“Youve already given it to me, so its mine.

Im not returning it to you.”

Although he wasnt sure if the Heqi Pills could really strengthen the body, judging from the craziness of those people before, it was definitely not simple.

Besides, he believed that what Lu Zijia made wouldnt be bad.

All in all, it would be a waste not to want it.

Even if their family couldnt use it, they could still sell it and make a fortune, right

Thinking of this, Song Zixuan immediately put the jade bottle in his pocket to prevent Lu Zijia from really taking it back.

Lu Zijia, who saw his small movements, couldnt help feeling a bit amused.

Even though Song Zixuan was a bit unlucky, he still had a sliver of good luck.

Even if he didnt know if the thing really had such an effect, he knew that it was better to take it first than to let go.

After tricking Song Zixuan away, Lu Zijia entered the alchemy room again and continued to prepare for the ancient tomb.

A few days passed in a flash, and what Lu Zijia needed to prepare was also ready on the last day.

“According to the latest news, there are at least twenty martial artists from the Upper Martial Arts Realm, and theyre all quite strong.

You must be careful,” Taoist Mu Qing reminded Lu Zijia and Mu Tianyan, looking a bit worried.

Lu Zijia nodded.

“Master, dont worry.

Well be careful.

Even if we cant beat them, we can still run.

Ive prepared a lot of escape talismans.

It wont be so easy for anyone to catch us.”

Taoist Mu Qing, who originally wanted to remind her something: “…”

This disciple-in-law of his was really straightforward! She could even say something so embarrassing like running away when she couldnt win.

As her husbands master, he was very embarrassed!

“Ahem, disciple-in-law, are you really not going to bring Yunhao and the others” Taoist Mu Qing pretended to cough twice to hide his embarrassment and changed the topic.

“No.” Lu Zijia shook her head and said with certainty, “Yunhao and the others should stay and help you, Master.

There are a lot of things to do if you want to start a new sect!”

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