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Chapter 91: The Problem of the Song Family Incident (2)

“So, this painting frame probably has something to do with my grandmas death back then”

Song Zixuans expression was a bit distorted, looking extremely complicated, as if he was excited, happy, angry, and resentful at the same time.

A while after he was born, his grandma passed away.

People outside spread rumors, saying that he was a forever loner and that he killed his own grandma as soon as he was born.

Just because of this incident, he had been living with the name of forever loner for a total of 26 years!

And due to this nickname, his family had no choice but to send him abroad to live alone.

He had his closest parents and grandpa, but he had been living like an orphan for 26 years just because that Taoist Master said he was a forever loner back then!

If this was really caused by someone, how unjustly was he treated Who could calm his loneliness for the last 26 years

Noticing Song Zixuans strong emotions, Lu Zijia frowned slightly, “Im just a normal person right now and Ive never met your grandma, so I cant be sure.

“However, with the power of this piece of Yin Wood, its enough to worsen the condition of someone whos sick and weak all of a sudden.”

Lu Zijia didnt give Song Zixuan a certain answer that he expected but told him the truth.

However, even if she said so, she still made Song Zixuan unusually excited and there was immediately a layer of red color in his eyes.

“Im not a forever loner.

Im really not a forever loner.

Mom, did you hear that Im not a forever loner!” Song Zixuan stared at Fang Yueqiu firmly and said every word very strongly as if he was exerting his power to speak.

Fang Yueqiu didnt feel good in her mind when she saw her son like this.

She couldnt help but go forward and hold her son in her arms.

“Im sorry, son.

Im sorry.

Were sorry.

Sorry, Im not asking for your forgiveness.

I just hope you can live well.”

In fact, when her husband said he wanted to send their son out of the country at that time, she was actually unwilling.

However, seeing her father-in-laws condition get worse and worse, she couldnt neglect his life no matter how heartbroken she was for her son and she could only agree in devastation in the end.

She wanted to go out of the country with her son at that time, but the master said her son was born a forever loner and any family member who got close to him would suffer from misfortune.

She could even affect other family members as well.

So, in the end, she was the only one who felt sorry for her two-year-old son when he was sent abroad alone.

He was sent away for a total of 24 years.

Her son could come back only because her father-in-law hadnt been feeling well recently and he missed his grandson more and more, so he ordered her husband to bring her son back and her husband had no choice but to do so.

However, even if he had brought her son back right now, her son still held a grudge in his mind after all that had happened.

Otherwise, how would he seem so unfamiliar when he came back home at first

Luckily, with her unremitting efforts for more than a month, that sense of unfamiliarity finally reduced a little.


Song Zhuohai closed his eyes and hugged Fang Yueqiu tightly as his body couldnt help but tremble slightly.

“Whats going on What happened”

Old Master Song, who came over with Song Zhuohais help, asked anxiously when he saw his grandson cry.

Song Zhuohai frowned tight as he looked at Lu Zijia on the side with a sharp gaze.

Noticing Song Zhuohais gaze, the corners of Lu Zijias mouth curved up slightly and disapprovingly.

Compared to the masters she had met in the cultivation world, Song Zhuohai was much inferior.


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