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At the old mansion of the Mu family.

Lu Zijia, who was upgrading the Sacred Dragon Sword, suddenly had a bad feeling.

Lu Zijia had always believed in her premonitions, but seeing that the Sacred Dragon Sword was about to be completed in her hand, she still suppressed this bad feeling for the time being in the end and sped up the refinement in her hand.

Unfortunately, Lu Zijias premonition was very accurate, because her contracted spirit, the golden pagoda, was facing the danger of being snatched at this moment.

“What You want to buy the black cat in my hands” Looking at the two men and two women who suddenly appeared in front of him, Song Zixuan repeated as if he didnt hear them clearly.

“Thats right.

Heres ten thousand yuan.

Its enough for you to buy dozens of cats.” Yu Jinming took out a stack of cash from his pocket and stuffed it into Song Zixuans pocket forcefully, before attempting to carry the golden pagoda over.

From the looks of it, they were obviously trying to force a sale.

Song Zixuan laughed in anger at his attitude and dodged his hand.

“Ten thousand Thats indeed a lot.”

Song Zixuan held the golden pagoda in one hand and took out some cash from his pocket with the other.

His tone was a bit strange.

“However, I have money.

You should keep this money for yourself!” After saying that, Song Zixuan threw the cash back at the group and immediately turned around to leave.

“Brother, I advise you to sell it to us obediently.

Ten thousand yuan for a cat is quite a lot.” Xue Dali took two steps forward and blocked Song Zixuans way.

Song Zixuans face darkened and he said unkindly, “Im not selling it.

What can you do to me”

Xue Dali narrowed his eyes and was about to make a move, but Hua Yuxin stopped him.

“Im sorry, we dont have any ill intentions.

I saw this little black cat on the video.

I like it a lot, so I wonder if you can sell it to me Dont worry, Ill definitely treat it well.”

Hua Yuxin put her hands together at Song Zixuan, her eyes glistening with tears and her cute face full of sincerity.

However, the reason why Hua Yuxin really wanted the golden pagoda wasnt because she thought it was cute.

Instead, she felt that the golden pagoda was very intelligent.

It might even be a cat with spiritual intelligence.

Everyone in the Martial Arts World knew that any animal with spiritual intelligence could be trained into a battle pet.

Having a battle pet was undoubtedly equivalent to increasing ones strength.

A person could even make his battle pet launch a surprise attack when fighting with others to increase his chances of winning.

Although the little black cat in front of her looked cute and didnt seem to have any combat power, Hua Yuxins intuition told her that she couldnt be wrong.

Facing a beautiful womans pitiful plea, any man might be soft-hearted.

Coincidentally, Song Zixuan was one of the soft-hearted ones.

“Meow, meow, meow…” Unlucky guy, dont listen to this bad womans nonsense.


Seeing that Song Zixuan seemed to be persuaded, the golden pagoda meowed angrily and grabbed his chest with its claws.

Song Zixuan: “!!!” Damn! This cat really wanted to ruin his shirt!

“Sorry, you should go to the pet store.

I believe youll find a cat cuter than Xiao Jin.”

Although Song Zixuan was a bit soft-hearted, he wasnt stupid enough to sell the cat that wasnt his.

Besides, if Lu Zijia found out that he sold her pet, he would be chased to the ends of the earth!

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