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“No way! You dont know who Lord Jin is” The man who was asked immediately looked at the rich lady like she was a country bumpkin.

The young ladys face heated up under his gaze.

She contained her temper and said, “I only asked you because I didnt know.”

The man was originally a bit unwilling to talk to the heiress, but seeing that she seemed to know Song Zixuan, he quickly explained to her.

“Lord Jin is that black cat.

Its Alchemist Lus pet.

Alchemist Lu dotes on it a lot and gives it a lot of pills to play with.

Were here for those pills, especially the Heqi pills.

People with weak bodies can immediately see the effect after eating them.”

“Heqi Pills Whats that Why does it sound so unreliable Have you been deceived”

One of the young masters couldnt help but mock when he heard that.

Apparently, he didnt believe what the man said.

“Tsk, country bumpkins are country bumpkins.

You dont even know what Heqi Pills are.

Youd better check online yourself!” After saying that, the man ignored them.

The few young masters and young ladies were furious at his attitude, but they still couldnt help but be curious.

They took out their phones and searched for Lord Jin and Heqi Pills.

When they saw the information found, they couldnt help but widen their eyes in disbelief.

“This… This… The Alchemist Lu theyre talking about is actually Master Lu, who even knows how to make skincare products!”

“F*ck! This Heqi Pill actually has the effect of strengthening the body and prolonging ones life.

Its even proven by the national testing center!”

“Damn! This Lord Jin is Master Lus pet.

Its said that a few days ago, it gave out a large number of pills to the Qiu family.

Many people with health problems improved greatly after taking the Heqi Pills.”

“Wait! Lord Jin is Master Lus pet.

Now that Lord Jin took the initiative to get close to Young Master Song, doesnt that mean…”

“It means that Young Master Song wasnt bragging just now.

He really knows Master Lu and is even on good terms with him!”

“Damn! Young Master Song, I was wrong.

Please help me!”

Ten minutes later, Song Zixuan ran into the alley, panting.

When he finally shook off the group of people who seemed to have gone crazy, he was so tired that he felt he was going to die.

“Master Cat, when did you become so popular And those pills, are you sure they wont kill people” After finally catching his breath, Song Zixuan patted the head of the golden pagoda angrily.

“Meow!” The golden pagoda raised its paw and slapped Song Zixuans demonic claws away.

Suddenly, the golden pagoda seemed to have sensed something.

It tugged at Song Zixuans clothes and pointed at a place with its claws, signaling him to go there.

“Master Cat, cant you let me rest for a while Im about to die from running!” Song Zixuan ignored it and continued to rest against the wall.

“Meow, meow!” Idiot, a bad person is coming.


“Alright, alright, stop meowing.

Let me rest for another five minutes.

Ill be fine in five minutes.”

“Meow, meow!” Its over, its over.

We cant run anymore.

You idiot, youre really so stupid!

Sensing the approaching footsteps, the golden pagoda covered its cat face with its two paws, looking like it couldnt bear to watch anymore.

Perhaps because of its experience in the cultivation world, it could easily distinguish the aura of others, and whether they had good or bad intentions.

And now, it could tell that these people didnt come with good intentions and they were all Martial Artists.

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