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“Right, what happened last time was a complete misunderstanding.

Its all Shiyous fault for being jealous and slandering Tianyan.

Our family leader only listened to the slander and did such a stupid thing because he was anxious about his disciple.

After finding out the truth, we discussed for a while and unanimously decided to kick Shiyou out of the family.

I wonder if Alchemist Lu is satisfied with this outcome” Second Elder Mu echoed Third Elder Mu, apparently pushing all the blame to Mu Shiyou.

Hearing that, Lu Zijia only found it funny.

“Elders, Im afraid youre apologizing to the wrong person, right The person Patriarch Mu wanted to kill that day wasnt me, but my man.

Fortunately, my man broke through in advance.

Otherwise, Im afraid Id already be a widow,” Lu Zijia said in a cold voice as she glanced at Mu Sheng, who was silent, with a slightly murderous gaze.

The reason why Mu Sheng was still the leader of the Mu family right now was probably because no one noticed the crack in his dantian.

Once someone found out, Mu Sheng would surely be replaced.

Thinking of this, the corners of Lu Zijias mouth curled up slightly and a hint of interest flashed through her eyes.

What Lu Zijia said made the two elders of the Mu family unable to keep a straight face anymore and they became extremely stiff.

Their real purpose wasnt to apologize to begin with, but to rope Lu Zijia in, so they naturally ignored Mu Tianyan.

However, they didnt expect Lu Zijia to protect Mu Tianyan like this, which really surprised the two elders of the Mu family.

Yet, it was good that Lu Zijia was protecting Mu Tianyan.

Mu Tianyan was a member of the Mu family.

The better Lu Zijias relationship with Mu Tianyan was, the more she wouldnt leave the Mu family.

Thinking of this, the two elders of the Mu family looked at each other and then nodded slightly.

Before coming here, they had already discussed that if they couldnt recruit Lu Zijia alone, they would bring Mu Tianyan back to the main family with them.

It was obviously impossible to recruit Lu Zijia alone right now, so the two of them could only choose the second plan.

“Yes, yes, yes, Alchemist Lu is right.

We made a mistake.” Third Elder Mu seemed to have a good temper as he apologized with a smile.

He immediately looked at Mu Tianyan.

“Tianyan, its been hard on you these few days.

Fortunately, youre also very lucky.

We were right to arrange for you to return to the Mu family in the capital.

Otherwise, you wouldnt have met Alchemist Lu.

Youre lucky to be with Alchemist Lu now.

You must cherish it well.

Dont let down Alchemist Lus sincerity towards you.”

Third Elder Mu distorted the fact that Mu Tianyan was expelled from the main family back then, saying that it was an arrangement by the family for him to recuperate.

They even took credit for Mu Tianyan meeting Lu Zijia.

How… shameless!

Taoist Mu Qing directly laughed, though he was seething in anger.

He looked at Third Elder Mu with undisguised mockery.

“Third Elder, your words are really better than your singing.

How would I not know what youre thinking Let me tell you, you want my disciple and his wife to return to the main family Stop dreaming!”

Taoist Mu Qing said as he put down the teacup in his hand with a bang and directly waved his hand to chase them away.

“Alright, now that youve seen her, you can get lost quickly.”

Taoist Mu Qings words obviously didnt give Third Elder Mu and the others any face at all.

They were only one step away from falling out.

“Great Elder, youre also a member of the Mu family.

Cant you think about our family”

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