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Lu Zijia said before that she would give Mu Tianyan a surprise after dealing with Yi Shiyuan.

So, after obtaining the Mystic Gold Iron, she wasnt in a hurry to refine it.

Instead, she continued to try drawing spatial talismans.

And on this day, Lu Zijia finally drew it successfully.

However, the Space Storage Talisman was only two square meters wide.

Compared to the ancient space, it was undoubtedly very small, but this was already the maximum Lu Zijia could draw for now.

Moreover, she drew it with the help of the spiritual energy in the ancient space.

Otherwise, with her spiritual power, she could only draw a space storage talisman of one square meter at most.

After drawing three Space Storage Talismans, Lu Zijia walked out of the alchemy room, ready to give her man a surprise.

However, when she arrived at the living room, she found that there were three uninvited guests at home.

And one of the uninvited guests was the leader of the Mu family, Mu Sheng, who had just left the old mansion not long ago.

Seeing Lu Zijia come out, the originally tense atmosphere in the living room immediately eased up.

A skinny old man among the three uninvited guests stood up first and said to Lu Zijia with a pretentiously kind look, “You must be Master Lu, right Your aura is indeed extraordinary.

The younger generation will surpass us in time.”

Lu Zijia didnt say anything, but looked at Mu Tianyan, as if asking why they were here.

Judging from the age of the people who came with Mu Sheng, they should be the other two elders of the Mu family.

Mu Tianyan waved at her and gestured for her to sit beside him.

The corners of Lu Zijias mouth curled up slightly.

She walked over and sat down directly beside him, not even looking at the two elders or Mu Sheng, who didnt look too good.

Even though she had never seen the Second Elder and the Third Elder of the Mu family, she knew from Mu Yunhao and the others that these two had a lot to do with her man being kicked out of the main family of the Mu family back then.

It would be strange if she could be nice to these two people right now!

Seeing that Lu Zijia ignored him, Second Elder Mus originally “kind” face immediately darkened.

Taoist Mu Qing continued to sip his tea calmly as if he didnt see the ugly expressions on the three of them.

However, he secretly gave his disciples wife a thumbs up in his mind.

These bastards deserved it!

If she was nice to them, they would surely think too highly of themselves again!

“Great Elder, arent you going to introduce us” Seeing that the Second Elder couldnt get off the stage, the Third Elder spoke at the right time and said to Mu Qing with obvious dissatisfaction.

Taoist Mu Qing glanced at him disapprovingly.

“Dont you already know who she is Why is there still a need for introduction”

These bastards wanted to poach his disciples wife and they still wanted him to treat them nicely Dream on!

Taoist Mu Qings disrespect made the Second Elder and the Third Elder very angry, but for the sake of the benefit they could eventually get, the two of them gritted their teeth and endured it.

The Third Elder simply walked past Taoist Mu Qing and Mu Tianyan this time and spoke to Lu Zijia directly, “Master Lu, Im the Third Elder of the Mu family.

Im here to apologize to you.”

Lu Zijia looked confused when she heard that.

“Apologize Did the Third Elder offend me”

Third Elder Mu didnt expect Lu Zijia to have such a reaction and he couldnt help feeling a bit embarrassed and frustrated.

“Of course not.” Third Elder Mu smiled embarrassedly and said again, “The last time, the family leader was rash.

Now, were here to apologize, with the family leader.

Alchemist Lu, please let this go on account that were all members of the Mu family, okay”

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