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Many people outside who received the news at the last minute rushed to the Qiu family.

However, in order to avoid chaos and accidents, the Qiu family didnt let the uninvited people in.

And so, those people who received the news could only wait anxiously outside the Qiu family.

Many people even called the members of the Qiu family, hoping that they could help them with the exchange.

The project that the Qiu family hadnt made much progress recently had made huge progress tonight.

One of those people even said that as long as they helped to exchange the pills, there would definitely be more opportunities for cooperation in the future.

This made the members of the Qiu family both surprised and amused.

What surprised them was that the very important plan for the Qiu family was finally implemented.

What was funny was that the process was a bit dramatic.

However, no matter what, it was all thanks to Alchemist Lus beloved pet.

Otherwise, the Qiu family wouldnt have shown so many good things.

Alchemist Lus beloved pet was really a lucky cat!

After these interludes, Qiu Ming became more and more solicitous in bringing all kinds of food to the golden pagoda and even fed it himself.

The people present didnt think there was anything wrong with Qiu Mings behavior.

Instead, they were very jealous that he had such a chance to feed it.

Looking at the noisy crowd, Tian Xiaogui, who was standing quietly with Feng Wenshan, said, “Speaking of which, should we follow what everyone else is doing and get a few pills”

“There are too many impurities in the pills in the Martial Arts World.

Arent you afraid that taking them will affect your cultivation aptitude Also, dont you still have pills Why are you still thinking about trading for pills” Feng Wenshan held the glass and took a sip of champagne.

Tian Xiaogui ate the food on the plate in his hand and said a bit incoherently, “Who would complain about having too many pills But there are indeed too many impurities in pills in the Martial Arts World.

However, theres still a year before we can return to the Upper Martial Arts Realm.

The pills I have left wont last for half a year.

Without the help of pills, well definitely be surpassed by that bastard Yu Jinming in a year!”

At the mention of the person who caused them to be punished, Tian Xiaogui immediately felt that the food in his mouth was tasteless.

Feng Wenshan also seemed a bit frustrated.

She glanced over.

“Then what do you think we should do”

Tian Xiaogui opened his mouth and looked a bit dispirited the next moment.

“I dont know”

Feng Wenshan rolled her eyes in disdain.

She was about to say something when she sensed someone approaching them and immediately shut her mouth.


Tian, Miss Feng, thank you very much for saving my sister yesterday.

Otherwise, Im afraid my sister would… This is a token of appreciation from the Qiu family.

I hope you dont mind.” Qiu Ming held a small wooden box in his hand and slowly opened it, revealing the two pills inside in front of Tian Xiaogui and Feng Wenshan.

The two pills in Qiu Mings hand were both Vitality Pills.

The golden pagoda was very satisfied with his service attitude and generously gave him two Vitality Pills.

Many people were envious and jealous of Qiu Ming because of the golden pagodas generous move! If they had known earlier, they would have snatched the feeding job from Qiu Ming.

Unfortunately, there was no room for regrets.

Seeing that it was pills, the two of them didnt care much at first, but when they smelled the strong fragrance of the pills, they widened their eyes in shock.

The next moment, the two of them looked at each other tacitly and saw obvious shock in each others eyes.

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