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Qiu Ming still wanted to say something, but Taoist Mu Qing on the side spoke first.

“Kid, just take it.

Besides, this pill isnt a pill to increase cultivation.

Its just a pill to strengthen the body.”

When Qiu Ming heard that, he wasnt disappointed because it wasnt a pill to increase his cultivation.

Instead, he became even more excited.

Old Master Qius health had been getting worse recently, and the entire Qiu family had been extremely worried.

The pills refined by Alchemist Lu were all extraordinary.

Perhaps they could really make Old Master Qiu better.

Thinking of this, Qiu Ming didnt delay anymore.

After thanking him, he went to bring a lot of food to the golden pagoda himself.

Fortunately, the food was placed on the dining cart and given to the golden pagoda bit by bit.

Otherwise, the coffee table probably wouldnt be able to fit the massive amount of food.

Perhaps because the golden pagoda was too human-like, no one left the venue.

They all watched the golden pagoda eat excitedly.

When they saw the golden pagoda eating the cake, exclamations sounded in the huge hall.

After the golden pagoda destroyed a cake, it remembered about doing business again.

So, it took out three pills from the small bag one after another and put them on the coffee table in a row.

The three pills were the Vitality Pill, the Xuanyun Pill, and the body strengthening Heqi Pill.

After taking out the pills, the golden pagoda raised its head and looked at the people around it before continuing to eat.

“It… It wants us to take something to exchange for pills with it”


Lets find out.”

“I want to try, but I dont have a jade bracelet.”

“It might just want the jade bracelet, right Cant we use other jade items”

“I dont know!”

Following this conversation, everyone around couldnt help looking at each other.

For a moment, no one went forward to try.

Ten minutes later, a little girl about eight years old walked out of the crowd and ran to the golden pagoda.

She hung the pearl necklace in her hand on the neck of the golden pagoda and said in a childish voice, “Kitty, can I exchange this for your pill”

Even though the pearl necklace wasnt cheap, it didnt have any spiritual energy.

The golden pagoda was originally unwilling, but seeing that the pearl necklace looked pretty good on it, it nodded.

Then, he pushed a Heqi Pill to the little girl with his cat paw.

The little girl was immediately overjoyed after successfully exchanging for the pill.

She even boldly raised her hand and carefully touched the head of the golden pagoda.

“Thank you, kitty.”

Before the golden pagoda exploded from anger, the little girl ran away with the pill, and it had no one to vent its anger on.

Everyone around immediately became restless when they saw that a little girl managed to successfully exchange for a pill.

Not long after, more than half of the people surrounded the golden pagoda with items they thought they could exchange for pills.

However, what made many people regret was that the golden pagoda didnt want everything it saw.

For example, if the first person exchanged a diamond necklace for a pill with the golden pagoda, it would be impossible for the next person to exchange for pills with diamonds again.

Regarding this, those who were a step behind all pounded their chests and stomped their feet, feeling extremely regretful.

Old Master Qius birthday banquet should have made him the most eye-catching person tonight, but now, the golden pagoda stole all the limelight.

Old Master Qiu didnt mind this at all.

Instead, he was optimistic.

After all, Alchemist Lus beloved pet was willing to sell pills at the Qiu residence, which meant that he had a good relationship with the Qiu family.

With this relationship, it was very beneficial to the Qiu family.

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