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“Dont kill me.

Ill hand it over, alright” The Taiyi Elixir Furnace said angrily.

It had long been frightened by Lu Zijias terrifying cruelty.

Hearing what she said, it quickly released the undigested soul.

This woman was the most terrifying lunatic it had met in ten thousand years.

Of course, this horror didnt mean Lu Zijias cultivation, but her soul power.

And what all artifact spirits that had developed intelligence feared the most wasnt ones cultivation power, but soul power.

Because if she wanted to kill the artifacts spirit, she only needed to use her soul power.

As the tender voice of the Taiyi Pill Furnace fell, a shadow slowly floated up from its furnace.

Yi Shiyuans soul seemed a bit confused after being released.

He only came back to his senses after a while.

When he finally noticed Lu Zijia, couldnt help saying in surprise, “Jiajia Why are you here”

Lu Zijia checked Yi Shiyuans soul with her divine sense.

After finding that there was no problem, she took out a talisman and said, “Uncle Yi, youre in a soul right now and its not suitable for you to stay in the outside world.

Enter this talisman first.

Ill tell you the rest in detail when you wake up.”

Even though Yi Shiyuan didnt know the current situation, he trusted Lu Zijia very much.


“Jiajia, how do I get into the talisman”

Lu Zijia: “…” That was a good question!

Yi Shiyuans soul was out of his body and didnt belong to a ghost, so he naturally didnt even have the instinct of a ghost.

As such, it was normal that he didnt know how to enter the talisman.

In the end, Lu Zijia used the guiding technique to pull Yi Shiyuan into the talisman.

Mu Tianyan and Mu Yunhao, who were at the side, watched this scene in silence and couldnt help but marvel at her abilities.

Mu Tianyan: His wife is still so cute when shes violent.

She makes his heart race.

Mu Yunhao: The Second Madam is simply inhuman when shes ferocious! Shes too… scary!

However, when the Second Master became ferocious, he was also similar to the Second Madam.

So, the Second Master and the Second Madam were a perfect match in this world!

Sensing a powerful soul power locking onto it, the artifact spirit in the Taiyi Pill Furnace immediately shouted in fear, “Ahhh!! Crazy woman, what are you doing Ive already given my soul to you.

You went back on your word!”

Lu Zijia curled her lips and smiled.

“Go back on my word No, I just said that Ill kill you directly if you dont give his spirit to me, but I didnt say Ill let you go after you give it to me.

So, the next time you negotiate with someone, you have to listen carefully to what they say.”

She chuckled, then continued, “Oh, no, Im afraid you wont have the chance to negotiate with anyone else anymore.

Because, although I wont kill you, Ill turn you into a fool.

An artifact spirit that has become a fool.

Well, its fun just thinking about it.

Ah Yan, dont you think so”

The last sentence was obviously said to Mu Tianyan and the others.

“Yes, its fun to see.

As long as youre happy, Wifey.”

The corners of Mu Tianyans mouth also curled up into a smile, which was surprisingly similar to Lu Zijias expression at this moment.

Mu Yunhao: “…” The habits of the Second Madam and Second Master were really getting worse.

How should he stop them from worsening

“No! No, no, I… Im willing to be contracted to you.

Im willing to be your exclusive pill furnace.

Dont kill me.

Im very useful.

Even if you dont know how to refine pills, I can teach you how.

I can even help you attain immortality!”

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