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Half an hour later.

After digging for more than a meter deep, Lu Zijia and the other two finally dug out a huge wooden box.

“Oh! Im finally free!”

The moment the wooden box was dug out, the golden pagoda rushed back to the ancient space.

Those who didnt know better would think that it was running for its life!

Mu Yunhao carried the wooden box out of the pit and immediately opened the heavy wooden lid.

The remaining nine artifacts were all there.

However, Lu Zijia frowned slightly, because she didnt find anything wrong with the remaining nine artifacts.

Could it be that the direction of her investigation was wrong The soul taken away by Yi Shiyuan wasnt among the ten artifacts

However, she had already checked the artifacts that werent taken away.

There was nothing wrong with them.

So, what did she miss

Mu Tianyan seemed to have seen through her thoughts.

He squatted down beside her and asked gently, “Theres nothing wrong with these things”

After Lu Zijia nodded, Mu Tianyan tried to comfort her, “Dont worry.

Just because theres no problem on the surface doesnt mean theres really no problem at all.

Take your time.”

Lu Zijia nodded, to show that she understood.

Lu Zijia arranged the ten artifacts in a row according to their sizes and released her divine sense to study them from all angles.

Immediately, a powerful pressure surged out of her body and approached the ten artifacts.

Five minutes later, Lu Zijia removed the pressure.

“Wifey, how is it” Mu Tianyan asked.

Lu Zijia frowned tightly.

“I still dont see any problems.

If theres really something wrong with one of these ten artifacts, then it probably has spiritual consciousness, and is very good at hiding.”

This also proved that that thing was even more extraordinary.

“Everything in the world complements and counters each other.

Lightning is the nemesis of everything.

Wifey, perhaps you can try using lightning.” Mu Tianyan suggested.

Even though Mu Tianyan didnt know how rare an item with spiritual consciousness was, he thought she might as well give it a try.

Lu Zijias eyes lit up and she thought that she could really try.

However, the next moment, her face fell again.

“These are all relics.

If I accidentally destroy them, will the people above come to find me”

Mu Tianyan raised his hand and rubbed her head.

“Dont be afraid.

So what if its ruined Ill take care of it.”

Mu Yunhao, who was standing alone at the side: “…” What was with the sudden public display of affection

Lu Zijia, who was waiting for her man to say this, secretly smile in her mind.

“Ah Yan, youre so nice.”

Lu Zijia said as she leaned over and planted a stamp of approval on the mans gorgeous face.

After receiving the reward from his wife, Mu Tianyans cold face obviously softened a lot.

Mu Yunhao, who was forced to show off his affection again: “…” Could he apply to not be a third wheel when Second Young Master was with Madam in the future

Lu Zijia circulated her thunder-element spiritual power and terrifying purple lightning flashed in her slender and fair hand.

“If you dont want to be turned into ashes, show yourself obediently.”

Lu Zijias sharp eyes glanced at the ten artifacts of different sizes lined up one by one.

After Lu Zijia said that, the ten artifacts still didnt move at all.

“Alright, since you want to be turned into ashes, Ill fulfill your wish.” After saying that, Lu Zijia suddenly circulated the spiritual power in her body to the extreme and the lightning flashing in her hand became even stronger.

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