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“Ah Yan, I know where the remaining cultural relics are.

Leave the rest to Team Leader Zheng and the others.” Lu Zijia turned around and said to Mu Tianyan.

“Okay.” Mu Tianyan nodded slightly and sent Zheng Bin a message.

The two of them quickly left the hotel.

Zheng Bin, who received the message, rushed to the hotel with his men skeptically.

When he confirmed Linda and Grays identities, he was shocked.

“I really didnt expect that there would be a person with a baby face in the Flying Snake Gang, the gang that even the Interpol has a headache over.” Shi Mulan removed the disguise of the unconscious Gray and couldnt help exclaiming in surprise and admiration when she saw Grays baby face that didnt match his figure at all.

“This person should be the leader of the Flying Snake Gang, Linda.

This is her true appearance.” Duan Zhicheng, who was checking on Linda, also said.

“Her true appearance”

Shi Mulan was a bit surprised.

“Isnt it said that the Flying Snake Gang never shows their faces to people Why…”

Duan Zhicheng shook his head.

“Its not that they never show their true faces to people, but that their true identities havent been discovered yet.”

Long Xueni bit her lower lip and stood aside with an ugly expression, listening to their conversation.

Shi Mulan glanced at Long Xueni and gloated on her face.

She said sarcastically, “Tsk, tsk, who was the one who said that she was just a nobody In just a day, they found the nest of the Flying Snake Gang and even sent it to us.

Tsk, tsk, some people arent even as good as useless people, but they look down on useless people.

What a… joke!”

“Shi Mulan, you…!”

Hearing Shi Mulans hidden sarcasm, Long Xuenis already sullen face immediately turned livid.

“Alright, bring them back first!” After walking around the room where Linda and the others lived, Zheng Bin, who didnt have any further discoveries, stopped them in time and waved his hand to instruct them.

Long Xueni held back her anger and said angrily, “Leader, there are three people in the Flying Snake Group.

There are only two people here.

There should be one more.

Shouldnt we set up a trap and wait for him to show up”

Zheng Bin frowned and glanced at Long Xueni.

“The reason why the Flying Snake Gang has been committing crimes overseas for so many years and hasnt been caught is because of their superb disguise skills.

Even if you set up a trap, are you sure you can identify the third person”

Zheng Bins words made Long Xuenis face turn red.

She opened and closed her mouth for a long time, but she couldnt say a word.

If she could recognize them, she wouldnt have lost them when she found traces of the Flying Snake Gang in the black market.

Hence, Zheng Bins words made Long Xueni feel like she had been slapped in the face.

… .

Meanwhile, an hour later, a black car stopped by the roadside at a forest outside the capital.

A moment later, three figures quickly entered the forest and passed through it.

Lu Zijia and the other two didnt stop moving until they reached the center of the forest.

Lu Zijia closed her eyes and ran through Lindas memories again.

A moment later, she opened her eyes.

After taking a few steps to the left, Lu Zijia found a snake-like mark on a towering tree that had the circumference of the arms of two people.

“The rest of the relics are buried underground.” Lu Zijia pointed at the spot next to the towering tree and said.

As soon as she finished talking, Lu Zijia suddenly noticed an awkward problem.

How were they going to dig up the artifacts

Should they use a palm strike But wouldnt the artifacts buried underground shatter into pieces

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