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Lu Zijia nodded in satisfaction after hearing Rong Ers response.

“Why are you here for our Second Young Master”

Knowing that her man didnt like to talk, Lu Zijia, who became his impromptu bodyguard, dealt with it dutifully.

Rong Er first glanced at Mu Tianyan.

Seeing that the latter wasnt displeased, he said, “I heard that Second Young Master Mu recruited an alchemist not long ago and his success rate of refining pills is very high.

“So, I want to ask for a few pills from you.

Im willing to pay twice the price.”

Lu Zijias eyes lit up slightly when she heard that.

She was still thinking about how to take advantage of Second Master Rong, but she didnt expect him to deliver himself so easily.

Tsk, tsk, he was indeed the person in charge of the black market.

He was so generous with his offer, and she liked such generous people the most!

“Oh, then what pills do you want” Lu Zijia was calculating the numbers in her mind, but she looked serious on the outside.

Rong Er didnt expect it to be so easy to request for pills.

He couldnt help but be stunned, but he quickly came back to his senses and suppressed the ecstasy in his heart.

He replied, “Its best if theres a Xuanyun Pill.”

He had been stuck at the peak of the third level of Ancient Martial Arts for more than ten years.

In these ten years, he had already taken two Xuanji Pills, but unfortunately, he couldnt break through.

When he heard that the alchemist Mu Tianyan recruited refined a Xuanyun Pill that was even better than the Xuanji Pill, he was tempted.

Unfortunately, he couldnt buy a single pill from the online store, no matter how hard he tried.

He wanted to buy the pills from those people who successfully bought them at several times the price, but he didnt succeed either.

His successive failures made him extremely anxious.

However, he didnt expect that Mu Tianyan, who rarely appeared, would actually come to his territory today.

This simply made him overjoyed.

Lu Zijia nodded and took out two jade bottles directly.

“There are two Xuanyun Pills and two Vitality Pills here, but I dont want your money.”

Looking at the two jade bottles, Rong Er subconsciously clenched his fists and suppressed the excitement in his heart, trying to calm himself down.

“Then, what do you want”

“I want an exchange.”

Lu Zijia picked up the auction item book on the table and pointed at one of the pictures.

“I want these two stalks of blood ginseng.

I wonder if its okay”

When Lu Zijia entered the auction, she got the booklet of the auction items from the staff.

As soon as she opened the first page, she noticed these two stalks of blood ginseng.

Rong Er frowned as if he was in a dilemma, but he still gritted his teeth and agreed in the end.

“Sure, Ill get someone to bring those two stalks of blood ginseng over right away.”

Two minutes later, Rong Er took a square wooden box from a staff member.

“These are the blood ginsengs you wanted.

Are you satisfied with them” Rong Er put the wooden box on the table, opened it, and showed the two blood ginsengs inside to Lu Zijia and Mu Tianyan.

Lu Zijia checked and found nothing wrong, so she proceeded with the pill.

After getting the pills, Rong Er tactfully didnt disturb the two of them anymore and left.

“Ill refine these two ginsengs as pills for you.

This will greatly improve your internal energy.” Lu Zijia closed the wooden box happily, as if she had gotten a great bargain.

Taking too many of the same kind of pills would cause some resistance to the medicinal value of the pills, so it was necessary to refine many kinds of pills.

Mu Tianyan originally thought that his wife wanted the blood ginseng because it was useful for her, but he didnt expect it was for him.

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