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“Hey, hey! Master, arent you selling yourself too quickly”

The golden pagodas jumpy voice suddenly entered Lu Zijias mind, making her head throb.

The golden pagoda was really… too tactless! Didnt it know that she was in the midst of sharing sweet nothings with her man

“Master, are you really planning to help him step onto the path of cultivation Although he has the bloodline of the Divine Dragon, it was not going to be easy to transform his internal energy into spiritual power.

Master, you have to think twice.

Itll be funny if you lose your life!”

Lu Zijia couldnt help rolling her eyes.

This golden pagoda really didnt have anything good to say!

Before the golden pagoda continued to ruin the atmosphere, Lu Zijia directly blocked it.

However, after the golden pagoda, who ruined the atmosphere, was muted, someone else outside the private room interrupted them again.

“Second Master Mu, our Second Master wants to meet you.

Is it convenient now”

After someone knocked on the door of the private room from outside, a respectful male voice sounded.

Mu Tianyan frowned unhappily after being interrupted.

He was about to refuse when he heard his wifes question.

“Second Master Is it the person in charge of this black market”

“Mm.” Mu Tianyan nodded slightly.

“Hes also a martial artist.”

Hearing that, Lu Zijias eyes immediately lit up.

The leader of the black market should be very rich, right

Tsk, tsk, she might be able to make a killing.

Seeing her like this, Mu Tianyan knew what she was thinking.

He couldnt help but pinch her nose in amusement before saying calmly, “Come in.”

As soon as he finished speaking, the door of the private room was pushed open.

Then, a middle-aged man in his forties walked out and into the private room.

“Its truly the Rong familys honor to have Second Young Master Mu come to the auction held by our family.” After Rong Er walked in, he smiled kindly and said respectfully.


Mu Tianyan had always been cold to outsiders.

He was so concise that he wouldnt speak if he could.

Rong Er seemed to understand Mu Tianyans personality and didnt mind his cold attitude at all.

“May I know who this is…” Rong Er looked at Lu Zijia with confusion in his eyes.

Everyone knew that Mu Yunhao had always been the right-hand man of Mu Tianyan.

Why was there a different person today Could it be that this person was new

Rong Er had all kinds of guesses about Lu Zijias identity in his mind, but he didnt show it on his face at all.

“Im Second Young Masters bodyguard.” Lu Zijia casually gave herself an identity.

Mu Tianyan: “…” His wife was his superior previously, and now she was his bodyguard.

His wifes identity was really diverse.


Rong Er sized Lu Zijia up without a trace.

She didnt look like one at all.

Putting aside his height and figure, if this “man” was really a bodyguard, why would he sit with Mu Tianyan so casually, and lean so close to him

Mu Tianyan was famous for being difficult to get close to, but now, he allowed a bodyguard to get close to him like this.

It seemed that the real identity of this “bodyguard” was definitely not simple.

“Thats right, dont I look like one”

Lu Zijia looked down at her outfit and thought that she looked like a bodyguard.

Rong Er specially came to visit Mu Tianyan because he had something to ask of him.

He was naturally not stupid enough to offend the people around him.



You look exactly like a bodyguard.” Rong Er went against his conscience and nodded in agreement.

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