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The young stall owner said a lot of things which made Lu Zijia speechless.

Wasnt there something wrong with the way he addressed him

Lu Zijia complained inside, but she nodded slightly, as if she agreed with what the young stall owner said.

She immediately picked up a black stone casually.

“It feels good.

Its quite smooth.”

Seeing that there was a business opportunity, the young stall owners eyes immediately lit up and he started to promote his stones with even more enthusiasm.

“This master really has good taste.

My stones are not ordinary stones.

These stones were all carefully selected and blessed by eminent monks.

Most importantly, every stone here has been soaked in holy water for 81 days.

It can be said that all the filth has been washed away.

Its not an exaggeration to call them holy stones.”

“Sir, think about it.

Isnt it very cheap to buy a holy stone that was consecrated by an eminent monk and soaked in water for only 2,000 yuan If it werent for the fact that I really needed money, I definitely wouldnt sell these holy stones.”

Lu Zijia listened to the young stall owner talking nonsense with a straight face silently and the corners of her mouth couldnt help twitching.

She originally thought that her serious bullsh*t was already impressive enough, but she didnt expect there to be someone even more impressive than her.

Indeed, there was always someone better!

After the young stall owner finally finished talking nonsense, Lu Zijia pretended to be heartbroken and said, “Even though the holy stone is good, its still a stone after all.

2,000 yuan for one piece is too expensive.

A thousand at most.

If its more than a thousand yuan, I wont want it.

Besides, I only have a thousand yuan with me.”

After a pause, she said, “Forget it, Im afraid I cant afford it.” She feigned a regretful look and was about to put down the black stone in her hand.

“Hey, wait!”

Even though the young stall owner saw that Lu Zijia and her boyfriend were wearing expensive outfits, seeing that Lu Zijias pained and regretful look didnt seem to be fake, he guessed that the two of them might be wearing it only because they were attending the event, but they might not be really rich.

His initial offer was 1,000 yuan.

Seeing their outfits, he raised the price at the last minute.

He would definitely not lose out if he sold it for a thousand yuan now.

However, even though he knew that, he looked like he had suffered a huge loss, as he said, “Forget it, forget it.

Seeing that youre so sincere, 1,000 yuan it is.

Take it that Ive suffered a loss!”

Lu Zijia was delighted.


“Right, right, 1,000 yuan is fine, but I only accept cash.” The young stall owner said as he reached out his hand to Lu Zijia, as if he was afraid that she would go back on her word and not buy it.


Lu Zijia took out 1,000 yuan from her pocket without hesitation and handed it to the young stall owner.

As soon as the money was in his hand, the young stall owner was immediately overjoyed.

He dipped his finger in his saliva and counted the money twice.

“Hehe, the moneys correct.

Please come again next time.” The young stall owner put the money in his pocket and said to Lu Zijia happily.

The young stall owner was happy, and Lu Zijia, who got a huge bargain, was also very happy.

Even though Mu Tianyan didnt know what was so special about the black stone his wife bought, he knew it was something good when he saw her like this.

Looking at his wife, who had a sly look in her eyes like a little fox, the corners of Mu Tianyans lips curled up unconsciously.

“Tian Xiaogui, youre out cheating others again!”

When Lu Zijia and her friend were about to leave, a young and beautiful woman walked towards them angrily.

Or rather, she should be here for the young stall owner.

Lu Zijia didnt intend to be nosy, but the woman stopped them.

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