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On the verge of life and death, Mrs.

Lin finally stopped protecting her precious son, Lin Kedong, and kept scolding him.

However, it was useless no matter how much she scolded him, because the baby who snatched the main control wouldnt get rid of his resentment towards the Lin family just because of a few words of abuse from her.

“You deserve to die.

You killed Mom.

Youre bad people.

You made Mom work so hard and even killed her.

Damn, damn, all you bad people deserve to die!” The strong evil aura around the baby soared into the sky as soon as it finished speaking.

Many things around instantly exploded.

The originally clean and tidy dining room instantly became a mess.

The three members of the Lin family wanted to run, but they found that their feet seemed to be glued to the ground and they couldnt lift them at all.

Just when the three members of the Lin family thought that they would definitely die, Lu Zijia suddenly appeared in front of them.

“Master… Master!”

Lu Zijias appearance was like the arrival of a god of salvation for the members of the Lin family!

Lu Zijia waved her hand and set up a barrier to protect the three members of the Lin family.

“Stand here and dont move.”

After saying that, Lu Zijia flashed and took the initiative to face the babys furious attack.

After realizing that she could move her feet, Mrs.

Lin almost subconsciously wanted to run for her life.

However, Mr.

Lin, who was quick-witted, stopped him.

“Where are you going DIdnt you hear what Master Lu said Dont move!”

“I… I… I…” Mrs.

Lin was so scared that she couldnt even speak clearly.

Her face was so pale that it was devoid of blood.

“Master Lu is already here, so it should be fine.

Lets not cause any problems for Master Lu,” Mr.

Lin said calmly.

Even though Mrs.

Lin still wanted to escape outside, she didnt dare to in the end.

Lin Kedongs body was extremely stiff.

He was also about to run off, but he stopped when he heard what Mr.

Lin said.

“Who are you Why are you helping the bad people Why are you helping the bad people Youre helping the bad people.

You must be a bad person too.

I want to kill bad people.

I want to kill all of you bad people!” Seeing that Lu Zijia was helping the members of the Lin family, the evil energy on the babys body suddenly became even stronger and his voice was so sharp that it seemed to be able to penetrate peoples eardrums.

Lu Zijia didnt persuade the malicious ghost first like she usually did this time, but started fighting directly instead.

After all, the real reason she accepted the case was to stabilize her cultivation level.

If she successfully persuaded the malicious spirit, how would they fight

So, she had to beat this malicious spirit into submission first!

This malicious spirit was much stronger than the ones Lu Zijia had met before.

However, this was similar to what Lu Zijia had expected, so she didnt use external forces like talismans, but directly used spiritual power to fight the malicious ghost.

Half an hour later.


Lu Zijias lightning attack directly hit the baby in Yao Lefeis arms, and the sharp scream of the baby almost caused her eardrums to burst.

“No, no, no, please dont kill my baby.

Please dont kill my baby.

Please…” The baby, who was almost scared out of his wits by Lu Zijia, lost control of Yao Lefeis body.

Yao Lefei, who had regained control, immediately protected the baby in her arms tightly.

She sat on the ground in a mess and looked up at Lu Zijia with pleading eyes, begging her to let go of her child.


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