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Chapter 84: My Charges Arent Low

“Alright, alright, just take it as I said it!”

Lu Zijia changed her posture and leaned on the couch, looking lazy and relaxed, “And then What exactly do you want, unlucky Master”

It would be great if the unlucky Master was here to give her business.

If not, a lot of her time would be wasted.

She was even planning to draw talismans with the talisman paper she bought yesterday and to set up a store to make money!

“Bull**! Of course, Im here to ask you something.

If not, do you think Im too free”

Song Zixuan totally lost his temper because of her.

“Didnt you leave me those words so that I would come back to you”

Being exposed by him, Lu Zijia didnt mind at all but pretended to be exaggeratedly surprised and said, “Ah, you got me.

Looks like youre not too stupid.”

However, even if he wasnt stupid, he had still been tricked and been an unlucky man for so many years.

Tut-tut, it wasnt easy to be the Master of a rich family either.

Hearing Lu Zijias exaggerated voice, Song Zixuans forehead suddenly twitched as he had an urge to strangle her to death.

“What exactly do you mean Did you hear something Or do you know something

“Tell me.

How much do you need to tell me everything you know”

To avoid being angered to death by Lu Zijia, Song Zixuan went straight to the topic and directly told her what benefits he could offer.

Lu Zijia smiled gently and said, “I can tell you three things and give you two choices.

“First, Ive never heard anything about you.

“Second, I discovered that someone made you a forever loner by looking at your face.

Youre just a person with an ordinary life.

You dont have even a bit of a chance of being a forever loner.

“Third, I can feel the Yin energy in your body.

It isnt really strong.

You should have just got it recently.

“First choice, you can hire a master to see if that master can help you solve the problem.

“Second choice, hire me to solve the problem for you.

“Of course, my charges arent low.

If you choose to hire me, be prepared to be ripped off by me.

“Alright, thats all I have to say.

Its up to you what to choose.”

Lu Zijia wasnt joking when she said she would rip off Song Zixuan.

She meant it.

She knew that Song Zixuan was the Master of a rich family at a glance.

He obviously recognized Lu Wanyuan yesterday, but he didnt treat her seriously at all.

This showed that he wasnt afraid of the Lu family at all.

The Lu family had quite a high status in the capital city.

If Song Zixuan wasnt afraid of the Lu family, his family must be on an equal footing as the Lu family or might even be superior.

Song Zixuan was born in such a rich family but was still framed by someone.

This showed that the status of the person who set Song Zixuan up wasnt low either.

If she helped Song Zixuan deal with this matter, she would definitely be dragged into this puddle of muddy water as well, causing a lot of trouble afterwards.

So, if Song Zixuan offered her a low price, wouldnt she suffer huge losses

After hearing what Lu Zijia had said, Song Zixuan on the other side of the call went into silence.

Lu Zijia didnt rush him.

She picked up the glass of warm milk Uncle He prepared for her and started drinking slowly.

After a while, Song Zixuan said, “Did you really see it from my face Are you really… a sorcerer”

Lu Zijia nodded.

“Of course.

If Im not a sorcerer, how could I possibly see it”

“Alright, Ill trust you again.”


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