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The Old Weird Taoist was the Taoist Master who made use of Song Zhuolan and almost caused the destruction of the Song family.

He was also one of the elders of the Maoshan Sect.

After Lu Zijia and the others lured the Old Weird Taoist out back then, they didnt kill him; instead, they crippled his cultivation and made him into a fool.

As for where the Old Weird Taoist was right now, and whether he was alive or dead, she didnt know.

“I dont know either.” Tang Zheng sighed slightly, as if he was a bit tired.

“Ive asked someone to check.

The information is accurate.

I wonder if the two of you can give me an explanation”

Even though Tang Zheng didnt want to offend Lu Zijia because she was an alchemist, as the leader of the Maoshan Sect, he couldnt pretend that nothing happened when he knew if the elder was dead or alive.

“Of course.” Lu Zijia nodded without hesitation.

Half an hour later, Tang Zheng left the old mansion of the Mu family.

“Ah Yan, who do you think did it”

Lu Zijia leaned against her man and asked casually, looking a bit lazy.

“Mu Liren.” Mu Tianyan said the name coldly and firmly.

Lu Zijia smiled.

“My answer is the same as yours.”

Apart from the members of the Song family and their own people, only Mu Liren, the mastermind, knew about what happened to the Old Weird Taoist.

Or rather, hed guessed it.

Hence, it was easy to identify the person who told Tang Zheng.

Fortunately, Tang Zheng was a person who knew right from wrong.

Otherwise, Mu Lirens plan would have succeeded.

“Ill get someone to settle it properly this time.

Dont worry, my wife,” Mu Tianyan pulled her into his arms and said gently.

Even though flies werent lethal, it was still annoying to see them flying around.

Since Mu Liren was being annoying, he would bring him down completely.

Lu Zijia didnt object to Mu Tianyans decision.

She didnt know what happened to the Mu family in the past, but she could feel that at this moment, Mu Liren had finally exhausted the last trace of kinship in Mu Tianyans heart.

In the future, the eldest son of Mu family would probably not exist in the capital anymore.

“How was it Did they fight!”

After knowing that Tang Zheng went to the old mansion of the Mu family, Mu Liren immediately asked someone to ask around.

As soon as he saw them return, he immediately asked eagerly.

Meeting Mu Lirens expectant gaze, the butler couldnt help but lower his head.

“Master, there was no fight at the old mansion.”

“They didnt fight How can they not fight”

Mu Liren wasnt satisfied with the butlers answer and roared at him in agitation.

“Master, they really didnt fight.

And I saw that there didnt seem to be anything wrong with Sect Leader Tangs expression when he came out.

“Also, after Sect Master Tang left the Mu family, he went to the Song family before returning to the hotel.”

The butler was Mu Lirens confidant, so he knew about Mu Liren setting up Mu Tianyans father back then.

He guessed, “Master, could it be that Sect Leader Tang went to the Song family after hearing the explanation of the people there”

If Tang Zheng really believed Mu Tianyans explanation, his masters plan would definitely not succeed.

Mu Liren also thought of this possibility.

He immediately flew into a rage and swept the things on the coffee table to the ground.

“Damn bastard, why are you so tough Why are you so tough” Mu Liren roared crazily.

His red eyes were full of madness and his face was distorted from rage.

However, at this moment, the door of the study was slammed open violently from the outside.

Then, Mu Qis expressionless face appeared in Mu Lirens sight.

“Eldest Master Mu, Second Young Master asked me to send your family to a place where you should stay.”


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