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One of the pills she gave Mu Tianyan just then was for stopping his bleeding, healing the wounds quickly and treating internal injuries.

She was quite confident about the pills she made herself.

“What So fast!”

The Second Elder of the Cao Family exclaimed in disbelief.

He immediately took two steps forward to look at Mu Tianyans injuries.

The other four people were also a bit skeptical, so they all went up and started to surround Mu Tianyan.

Of course, the few of them had watched Mu Tianyan grow up and they certainly knew that he didnt like to be touched, so they only looked at him with their eyes and didnt do anything.

“The wounds have really scabbed over! The scab on some minor injuries has even fallen off.

This… This is too impressive!”

The Fourth Elder of the Gu family was shocked.

He even doubted if what he saw was real.

Although the other four people didnt cry out in shock, the expressions on their old faces were similar to that of the Fourth Elder of the Gu family.

“Dao Seeking, it cant be the effect of the pills you gave Yan before, right” He Lei took a deep breath and asked calmly after recovering a bit.

Lu Zijia didnt hide anything either.

“Yeah, there are three kinds of pills in total, the Blood Staunching Pill, the Healing Pill and the Internal Injury Pill.”

As Lu Zijia said the names of the pills one by one, He Lei and the others got so excited that their faces turned red.

“Cant… Cant believe there are pills like these!”

The most common pill that the alchemists in this world refined was the Vitality Pill, because there was a huge demand for Vitality Pills.

After that was the Xuanji Pill, which was Lu Zijias modified Xuanyun Pill.

Apart from these two kinds of pills, there were basically no other pills.

The Blood Staunching Pill, the Healing Pill and the Internal Injury Pill that Lu Zijia told them about right now didnt exist here.

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When Martial Artists got injured after a battle, they would use medicines like Golden Wound Medicine for their external injuries.

When they suffered internal injuries, they would drink medicine to recuperate and recover extremely slowly, especially their internal injuries.

So, when they confirmed that Lu Zijias pills had such an obvious effect, they lost their composure.

“Of course there are!” Lu Zijia nodded firmly.

As far as she knew, there were thousands of kinds of pills.

The three pills she mentioned just then were just the most worthless ones.

Because those three kinds of pills were the most ordinary and were commonly used in the cultivation world.

Of course, if the level of the pills was high, they would certainly not be ordinary.

“Then, disciple-in-law, do you still have any more pills Can you sell a few to me” The Second Elder of the Cao Family touched his face and asked.

“Damn! How can you be so shameless Disciple-in-law, dont sell them to him.

Sell them to me.

Ill definitely give you a satisfactory price.”

The Fourth Elder of the Gu family pushed the Second Elder of the Cao family away and took his position.

“Move, move, move, all of you, move aside.

Im the Uncle Master of Yan, so Ill also be his wifes Uncle Master.

Its not your turn no matter what.

All of you, line up behind me!”

The Fourth Elder of the Mu family waved his hand and tried to send the other four people away, as if he was chasing ducks.

However, it would be strange if the other four people could be sent away!

“Disciple-in-law, dont listen to this old mans nonsense.

Hes a pauper.

Hes just trying to gain something without paying anything with his connections.

Dont be deceived by him!”

“Right, right, right, this old man is a pauper.

Disciple-in-law, make an offer.

Ill buy them all.”

“Damn! Youre even more shameless.

Disciple-in-law, listen to this shameless person.

Pills are good stuff.

We cant let him take them all for himself!”


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