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However, the moment the long sword touched a talisman, the talisman exploded like a small explosive.

The loud sound startled everyone present.

“Bang! Bang, bang! Crack!”

As the Explosive Talismans exploded one after another, the long sword in Mu Shengs hand finally couldnt bear the explosions and directly broke apart into pieces.

Without the sword, the remaining four or five Gravity Talismans shot straight at Mu Sheng.

Mu Sheng looked sinister as he used his internal energy to knock away the remaining Gravity Talismans.

However, he was still hit.

Because his attention was on those talismans, Lu Zijia took the opportunity to throw two more Gravity Talismans at Mu Shengs feet.

The moment the two talismans stuck to Mu Shengs legs, they instantly disappeared.

However, they werent really gone.

They were activated instead.

This could be seen from Mu Shengs embarrassed look.

“Bastard, how dare you…!”

Having suffered losses at the hands of a junior again and again, Mu Sheng was so enraged that his whole body trembled.

Those red eyes that stared at Lu Zijia were like the eyes of a venomous snake.

After succeeding, Lu Zijia clapped her hands and quickly returned to her mans side.

Hearing what Mu Sheng said, she pulled her ears speechlessly.

“Why do you only call me a bastard Can you use some other words”

After saying this, Lu Zijia ignored Mu Sheng, who was enraged by her and looked ferocious.

She raised her hand and patted her man next to her.

“Ill leave it to you now.

Do your best.”

Even though she was already at the third level of Qi Refinement right now, she could only challenge Martial Artists at the fourth level of Ancient Martial Arts even if she wanted to challenge someone above her level, while Mu Sheng was at the sixth level of Ancient Martial Arts.

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She would only confront Mu Sheng directly if she was dumb and didnt want to live anymore.

Of course, she could still ambush him when he wasnt paying attention.

Even though she felt a bit guilty that she won unfairly, Mu Sheng was also the same.

After all, Mu Sheng was one level higher than her man.

After convincing herself secretly in her mind, Lu Zijia didnt feel guilty anymore.

Seeing the sly smile on his wifes face, Mu Tianyan couldnt help chuckling.

“Alright, Ill definitely not disappoint you.”

As soon as he finished talking, Mu Tianyan immediately disappeared and started fighting with Mu Sheng again.

“Hey, is this little girl Old Qings disciple-in-law She doesnt seem bad.”

“Not bad, just a bit prodigal.”

“Shes not using your resources.

Why are you feeling heartbroken Anyway, this little girl is indeed a bit prodigal.”

“Hey, what are you worrying about Just focus on proper business.

For example, did you notice that the talismans thrown by that little girl seem to be things that weve never seen before”

“Right, the power of the explosion alone is a bit weak, but itll be impressive if a few are used together.”

“Right, I wonder what the two talismans she threw out are.

They seem to be useless.”

“What do you mean useless Dont you see that theres something wrong with Mu Shengs legs”

“Ah, he doesnt seem to be very agile.

What talismans are those Its so strange.”

While the five old men were discussing curiously, the battle over there soon came to an end.

“Bang! Poof!”

The two of them made their final attack with all their strength.

Mu Tianyan took three steps back, looking calm.

Mu Sheng took two steps back, but spurted out blood.

Bright red blood kept gushing out of his mouth, as if it couldnt be stopped.


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