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The four elders of the Zhang family immediately turned pale with fright when they saw this and they kicked him away reflexively at the same time.


Zhang Munian, who was directly kicked away mercilessly, immediately let out a wail that echoed throughout the entire mansion.

When Zhang Munians flying body was about to hit a decoration cabinet, Mu Tianyans expression changed slightly.

He moved quickly and grabbed him with one hand.

“Seniors, my wife is in seclusion right now.

Please dont make too much noise.”

Mu Tianyan said to the four elders of the Zhang family in a seemingly calm way after putting down Zhang Munian, who had escaped a calamity.

The four elders of the Zhang family immediately felt embarrassed.

Martial Artists couldnt be disturbed when they were in seclusion.

Otherwise, if they were not careful, they might lose their minds.

The four elders of the Zhang family immediately apologized and each knocked the “troublemaker,” Zhang Munian, on the head.

Zhang Munian grimaced in pain, but he didnt dare to resist in front of the four elders.

However, he felt extremely aggrieved in his mind.

He was even more aggrieved than Doue.

These four old men had gone too far.

They kicked him together, which was why he flew backwards and almost crashed against something.

And yet, these four shameless old guys put the blame on him.

They were simply bullying the younger generation!

The four elders of the Zhang family didnt check the pills either, as if they trusted Mu Tianyan completely.

They even asked Zhang Munian to confirm their delivery on the spot so that Lu Zijia could get the money as soon as possible.

As for the orders of the other disciples, they could only ask them to confirm the delivery as soon as possible after they brought the pills back.

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com ,Please!

They suddenly had more than 2,000 pills in their hands.

The five members of the Zhang family couldnt wait to leave as soon as possible and return to the family to share the good news.

So, after saying a few polite remarks to Mu Tianyan, they left with two boxes of pills.

After the five members of the Zhang family left the old mansion of the Mu family, they rushed to the Zhang familys territory without stopping.

They had no choice.

They had more than two thousand precious pills with them right now.

If this news spread, they would definitely become the targets of robbery.

After all, the charm of a pill store couldnt be underestimated.

Besides, this was a total of two thousand pills, which could definitely make countless people go crazy!

When they came here, they took the car all the way here to avoid attracting any attention.

Now that they were carrying the “treasure,” they didnt care if they would attract anyones attention.

They directly went to the Zhang familys branch in the capital and asked them to arrange a helicopter for them.

Two days later, the five members of the Zhang family safely arrived at the territory of the Ancient Martial Arts Zhang family.

Not long after, the thousands of members of the Zhang family were extremely stirred!

“How strange.

Why did the elders distribute the pills we ordered online to us”

“Right, do the elders know the owner of that online pill shop”


Otherwise, why would the elders keep urging us to confirm the delivery”

“It must be.

I hadnt received the pills just now and the Fourth Elder kept asking me to confirm the delivery.

I was so nervous that I almost dropped my phone.”

“Haha, I thought I was the only one so nervous that I almost dropped my phone.

Turns out youre the same as me!”

When the four elders of the Zhang family distributed the pills, they asked those disciples to come in groups and only asked them to wait at the door.

So, those disciples didnt see the spectacular scene of the two chests full of pills.


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