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“Master said this in front of you and your lawyer when you divorced him.

You agreed at that time.

“Master said a few days ago that he doesnt want you to meet Young Master.

He even asked Miss Zhong not to disturb Young Master from now on, or youll meet in court.”

When the driver said this, he deliberately increased the volume of his voice so that the group of rich women and young ladies who came to check out the situation could hear him clearly.

Hearing what the driver said, Zhong Qingrans already sullen face immediately turned as dark as the bottom of a pot.


Even though it was the truth, Zhong Qingran still felt embarrassed when the driver said it in front of so many people.

However, the driver didnt want to keep dealing with her at all.

He directly called the guards over to pull Zhong Qingran aside.

The moment Zhong Qingran was pulled away, the driver stepped on the accelerator and drove the car in quickly.

After the iron gate closed again, the two guards, who were pulling Zhong Qingran back, finally let her go and returned to their positions.

“Argh!!! Youve gone too far!”

The enraged Zhong Qingran immediately screamed like she had gone mad.

She glared at the guard as if she couldnt wait to cut him into pieces.

“Pfft, who exactly went too far I finally witnessed what shamelessness is with my own eyes today.”

“Right, she didnt want her son when she got divorced back then.

Now that the Du family is getting better, she came back shamelessly.

She truly doesnt care about her dignity.”

“Its not that she doesnt care about her dignity.

Shes totally shameless.

Shes even more disgusting than bedbugs.”

“Tsk, tsk, I think its an insult to use bedbugs as a metaphor.

At least bedbugs have skin!”

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“Speaking of which, the Du family really has a good temper.

Their grandson was kidnapped by a shameless person, but they didnt call the cops.”

“Yeah, but some people take the good temper of the Du family for granted and still be so shameless.

They have no idea how ugly they are.”

“Yeah, stay away from the Zhong family from now on, in case we get into their shameless bad habits.”

“Right, lets go quickly, or well develop a bad habit of being shameless.

My face is so well-maintained, I dont want to lose my face.”

“Right, right, lets go!”

Hearing the words that those rich women and young ladies said deliberately to embarrass her, Zhong Qingran was so enraged, but she still gritted her teeth and tolerated them.

Even her mother was slapped by her father just then.

If she dared to offend these people, her father probably wouldnt just give her a slap.

Thinking of this, Zhong Qingran took a deep breath and repressed the anger in her heart.

She turned around and walked towards the Zhong familys car.

However, when she turned around, she was dumbfounded.

Where was the car It was parked by the roadside just then.

Her brother said he would wait for her.

Why were they gone now

What Zhong Qingran didnt know was that when she was pulled away by the guard, Zhong Chengwei started the car and left.

Apparently, Zhong Qingran was deliberately left behind.

In an old-fashioned teahouse.

A few old men with gray hair or white beards gathered in the hall, making a lot of noises, which looked lively.

“Old Qing, these five pieces of White Steel Stone were brought out by myself after I went through life and death in Poison Valley back then.

You must give me a good offer, or Ill never let you go!”

“Right, I also got mine with half of my life.

If you dont give me a good offer, it would be unreasonable.”

“Right, right, right, you must give us a good offer.”

Taoist Mu Qing was surrounded by five old men around his age.

Judging from their fierce postures, people who didnt know better would think that Taoist Mu Qing was beaten up by them!

In fact, these five elders only wanted to exchange more pills with Taoist Mu Qing.

“Go away, you shameless old men.

I said youre shameless and youre really acting shamelessly!”

Under the strong siege of the five people, Taoist Mu Qing didnt seem to be at a disadvantage at all.

Instead, he even suppressed these five people.

They had no choice.

After all, the pills were in Taoist Mu Qings hands.

If they forced him too hard and he refused to exchange pills with them, wouldnt they go crazy


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