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In the Zhang familys living room.

“What The delivery is delayed Why would it be delayed Didnt you say it would be delivered today How can they do this”

“Right, when doing business, you should be honest and keep your promise.

How can they delay the delivery”

“Its already a long time that it needs three days for the delivery to arrive.

And now, we have to wait for a couple more days.

Dont we have to wait for five days No, no, we cant wait for five days.”

“Thats right, kid.

Talk to the store owner quickly and ask her to think of a way to send us the pills first.

“We ordered more than 100 pills at once.

Its a huge order.

We should be the priority of the supply!”

“I also want the store owner to deliver the pills quickly, but she said she doesnt have so many pills at the moment.

What can I do I cant make a complaint, can I” Zhang Munian said in frustration.

“We cant make a complaint!” The Great Elder shouted emotionally.

As if he was afraid that Zhang Munian would really do so, he directly grabbed the laptop in front of Zhang Munian.

“What if we complain and upset the owner, and the owner doesnt sell the pills to us in the future You little boy, can you bear the consequences”

Zhang Munian: “…” He was just making an example, an example! He wasnt really going to complain!

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“Right, right, right, we definitely cant make a complaint!”

The other three elders also agreed.

“Ah, there are also a lot of messages urging for delivery down here.

Looks like their delivery is also delayed like ours.” The Fourth Elders gaze landed on the laptop for a while and he couldnt help sighing.

“When I placed the order, there werent any messages urging for delivery.

They must have ordered the pills after that.

“Perhaps someone also found out that this pill store sells real pills, so everyone is rushing to place an order.” Zhang Munian analyzed.

“Bastards, truly bastards! Our delivery must have been delayed because of these bastards.”


Otherwise, why would the store owner suddenly delay the delivery She must be sending the pills to those people nearby first.”

“Then, what should we do The location of this pill store is in the capital city and its a long way from here.

Were always at the end of the queue!”

“No, no, we must think of a way.

Otherwise, it wont be our turn until next year.

By then, itll be too late.”

“Why dont we go to the store owner directly We can also save the delivery fee for the owner.

If the owner is happy, she might immediately give us the pills.”

“Right, right, right, lets do this.

We might even be able to make friends with this brilliant alchemist.

“Kid, quick, ask the owner for the address.

Well go there immediately after packing up.”

Zhang Munian: “…” Were these four elders, who were almost 100 years old, really not joking

It turned out they really werent joking.

In the end, Zhang Munian could only bite the bullet and send a message.

He thought he would be scolded by the owner, but the owner really sent him an address!

Zhang Munian: “!!!” Why was the owner so easygoing Wasnt she afraid that someone would rob her

“Hm Why does this address look so familiar” The Great Elder suddenly said in confusion.

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“Yeah, I think so too… Wait! Isnt this the address Mu Qing, that old man, asked us to go to He even bragged that his disciple has a wife whos an alchemy genius!”

As soon as he said this, the four elders couldnt help looking at each other, then suddenly widened their eyes.

The next moment, Zhang Munian saw the four elders running away like ghosts were chasing after them.

Zhang Munian: “!!! F*ck! Wait for me.

You said I could have some of those pills too!”

Meanwhile, Lu Zijia had no idea what happened in the Zhang family.

At this moment, she was listening to Mu Yunhaos report.

“Madame, something happened to the skincare products sold by the Du familys Three Treasures.

They even made the headlines.” Mu Yunhao said as he passed the tablet in his hand to her.


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