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In order to prove the authenticity of what she said, Lu Zijia even took out the black card in her pocket and shook it, then put it back in right away.

Mu Tianyan: “…” He suddenly felt that his wife was a bit silly and cute at this moment, which was really rare.

Lu Zijia couldnt help feeling a bit embarrassed by her mans gaze.

Then, she felt the phone in her pocket vibrate.

Lu Zijia took out her phone and found that there were orders at her Number One Elixir Store again!

There were even dozens of orders and the number was still rising!

Soon, Lu Zijia found that these new customers all had the same address! Apparently, they were brought here by the customer at the beginning!

Wow! Was this the celebrity effect that people in this world talked about

“What happened”

Seeing his wifes dumbfounded and apparently delighted look, Mu Tianyan didnt look at her phone, but raised his hand to pinch her cheeks and asked.

“People made orders at my pill store again.

Even though they only buy a few pills each, there are still hundreds of pills in total.

Im going to be rich.

Im going to be rich!” Lu Zijia said happily.

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She knew it.

The quality of her pills was so good.

She would meet someone who appreciated her products sooner or later!

And now, after meeting someone who had good taste, the others also knew what was good as well.

She believed that it wouldnt take long for her pills to become as popular as her skincare products!

Lu Zijias traumatized heart was finally comforted at this moment.

But soon, she frowned a bit frustratedly again.

How many furnaces of pills would she need to get hundreds of pills Why did she feel like she was setting up a trap for herself

“Do you think there are too many orders”

Mu Tianyan seemed to be able to read Lu Zijias mind when he was facing her.

He could see what she was thinking in her mind just by looking at her expression.

“Yeah! Thats hundreds of pills here!” Lu Zijia wrinkled her nose and nodded.

Even though she could refine more than ten pills in one furnace, she still needed to refine more than ten furnaces for a few hundred pills.

Ah, good business was indeed a problem as well!

However, she wouldnt mind having more money.

Besides, the ultimate purpose of her selling the pills was to establish connections for herself, so people wouldnt dare to lay a hand on her easily.

“You can sell them in limited quantities every day and increase the price.

500,000 yuan for one pill is too cheap.” Mu Tianyan suggested.

Lu Zijia was startled.

“Is 500,000 yuan cheap”

Vitality Pills and Xuanyun Pills were just pills without a level.

Nobody would take them at all in the cultivation world.

She thought that 500,000 yuan was already a high price.

“Hm, even Vitality Pills of the lowest quality cost two million yuan each.”

Lu Zijia: “!!!” Two million!! Damn! Then, she would suffer huge losses!

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When she sold a talisman for 200,000 yuan before, people here said it was expensive.

She set the price of the pill to 500,000 yuan each and thought it would also be a high price for the people here, but unexpectedly…

Damn, could she flip the table!

“Why didnt you remind me earlier”

Lu Zijia looked at her man with a resentful gaze, looking like she was bullied badly.

Mu Tianyan said with a sincere look, “I thought you knew.”

Lu Zijia covered her chest silently with one hand, feeling like spurting out blood.

This lesson taught her that different things had different prices.

She must find out the price that other people set first before selling anything!

She didnt want to have another clearance sale again!


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