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Thinking of this, Old Lady Han didnt hint that the daughter-in-law she had always wanted was Li Tongtong or something like that like in the past.

Unlike usual, she said, “Tongtong, I know youre a good kid, but you and Jianmin both have your own families.

You really shouldnt have much interaction.”

What Old Lady Han said was apparently hinting to Li Tongtong not to do anything that didnt suit her identity.

As soon as Old Lady Han said this, even Han Jianmin and his wife were shocked, not to mention Li Tongtong.


Li Tongtong looked at Old Lady Han in disbelief and even doubted if she heard it wrong.

In the past, Old Lady Han would have comforted her immediately and said something bad about Yao Shuyi, right

But now… How… How did this happen

Old Lady Han helped Li Tongtong up and patted her hand with her dry old hand as she said earnestly, “Tongtong, I was too muddled before.

“From now on, you should put family first.

Its not easy to have a family.

You must treasure it, or youll regret it when you lose it.”

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What Old Lady Han said was obviously to persuade Li Tongtong to stop being obsessed with Han Jianmin and should put her effort on her family.

What Old Lady Han said made Han Jianmin and his wife feel like they finally saw the light at the end of the tunnel.

The originally heavy pressure they carried also disappeared at this moment.

However, compared to how relaxed the two of them were, Li Tongtong couldnt relax at all.

Her face with exquisite makeup couldnt help but become a bit distorted.

“Auntie, are you joking with me You didnt say that before.


Li Tongtongs voice suddenly became a bit sharp and there was even a trace of malevolence flashing through her almond-shaped eyes.

“I was too muddled before.

Tongtong, I apologize to you here.

Im sorry.

Forget about what I said from now on.

“You married a pretty good man and you have two children.

Theres really no need to cling to the past.”

Before Li Tongtong finished talking, Old Lady Han interrupted her with guilt and persuaded her apologetically.

However, Li Tongtong suddenly flung Old Lady Hans hand away and glared at her with red eyes.

“Apologize Whats the use of apologizing!

“Do you know how many sacrifices Ive made in order to be with Jianmin I didnt even care about my family, just so I could get the happiness I wanted.

“But now, youve denied all my previous sacrifices with just an apology.

Thats too cruel.

Youre really too cruel.

How can you treat me like this”

Towards the end, Li Tongtong started to scream at the top of her lungs.

She looked like an injured trapped beast.

Old Lady Han really treated Li Tongtong as her daughter.

Seeing her like this, she couldnt help feeling even more guilty.

However, no matter how guilty she was, she couldnt be like before, or she would only let more people down and might even lose her own son.

She was really making one mistake after another right now.

If she hadnt come to her senses after this life and death crisis, she would probably have continued making mistakes.

“Im sorry, Tongtong.

Its my fault.

If you want to blame someone, blame me.

Im really sorry.”

Old Lady Hans eyes also turned red and she lowered her head in shame, as if she was too ashamed to face Li Tongtong.

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