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However, before he made his attack, Lu Zijia kicked him on the side of his waist first, directly making him roll a huge distance.

The attack that the old Taoist Priest was about to make was also interrupted in an instant and he almost suffered a backlash.

“Dont… Dont go too far!” The old Taoist Priest shouted furiously.

Being humiliated by a junior again and again, the old Taoist Priest even had the urge to tear Lu Zijia apart with his hands.

However, he was no match for Lu Zijia in the first place, so he could only hate her in his mind and try to look for an opportunity to take revenge in the future.

Lu Zijia didnt care about his anger.

Instead, she raised her eyebrows slightly and looked at a wooden waist tablet that the old Taoist Priest dropped.

This kind of waist tablet was the symbol of a sects disciple.

However, when Lu Zijia saw the words on the waist tablet clearly, the corners of her mouth couldnt help twitching.

It turned out that this old Taoist Priest wasnt from that Maoshan Sect, but the Mao Shan Sect! Their intention of trying to gain popularity with the name was totally obvious!

She had already understood from the original hosts memories that many people in this world liked to take advantage of other peoples popularity.

She had never thought that people could even do so like this.

This had truly broadened her horizons.

The old Taoist Priest noticed Lu Zijias weird gaze and couldnt help looking in the direction she was looking at.

He couldnt help feeling embarrassed.

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The words “Mao Shan Sect” were written on the wooden tablet.

It was apparently his waist tablet.

Perhaps because of his guilty conscience, the old Taoist Priest quickly grabbed the wooden tablet and stuffed it into his arms.

Even a blind person could see what it meant.

“Looks like I have no reason to show you mercy.” Lu Zijia suddenly smiled brightly and said.

If this old Taoist Priest was really from the Maoshan Sect, she wasnt afraid either.

She even had to do one more thing after taking away his power, which was to turn him into a fool.

Because a fool wouldnt say something he shouldnt.

As for killing people Forget it!

This world was a society governed by law.

As a healthy young man, she certainly had to obey the laws, right

Alright, in fact, she only found it troublesome.

“You… You… You cant kill me.

Im the brother of the Sect Master of the Mao Shan Sect.

If you kill me, the Mao Shan Sect will definitely not let you go!”

Even though the old Taoist Priest knew that his identity was exposed, he could only use his sect to scare Lu Zijia right now.

Even though there was only him and his brother in the Mao Shan Sect, that was still a sect.

Unexpectedly, Lu Zijia wasnt threatened by him at all.

Her bright eyes became even colder.

“With a brother like you, Im sure your big brother isnt a good person either.

“If youre not a good person, whats the use of keeping you alive”

As soon as Lu Zijia finished talking, she suddenly slapped the crown of the old Taoist Priests head and directly took away his power.


The old Taoist Priest screamed with widened eyes and passed out the next second.

“M-Master, he… hes not dead, is he”

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Seeing the old Taoist Priest lying on the ground with a straight body without making any sound, Han Jianmin couldnt help asking a bit worriedly.

Even though he really wanted this Taoist Priest, who almost destroyed their family, to receive the retribution he deserved, he had never thought of killing him.

Besides, they would be in trouble if he died.

“A scourge lives for a thousand years.

How would he die so easily”

Lu Zijia shrugged and said disapprovingly, “I just took away his ability to harm others, so he wont continue to hurt more people in the future.”


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