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The old Taoist Priests eyes turned cold.

He waved the Buddha Dust in his hand and an invisible force rushed towards Old Lady Han.

Lu Zijia narrowed her eyes slightly and moved, instantly blocking in front of Old Lady Han.

She immediately raised her hand and waved as an even more powerful force suddenly swept towards the old Taoist Priest.

She even fought back the Taoist Priests original force, not looking messy at all.


The old Taoist Priest seemed to have never thought that Lu Zijia would even be more powerful than him.

He couldnt help looking shocked and he subconsciously wanted to run for his life.

Unfortunately, he was still a step too late.

“Poof! Poof!”

The moment the old Taoist Priest was sent flying, he immediately spurted out blood, which instantly dyed the soil on the ground red.

The moment the old Taoist priests body crashed to the ground, a cloud of dust was stirred up.

It was truly spectacular.

“Ahem… Do… Do you know who I am If you hurt me, arent you afraid that the sect behind me will condemn you”

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Seeing that Lu Zijia came after him instantly and was about to continue attacking him, the old Taoist Priest panicked and threatened Lu Zijia with his identity, hoping that Lu Zijia would be afraid.

At least, Lu Zijia wouldnt dare to kill him.

Lu Zijia sized up his attire with a faint smile and said with a slightly disgusted tone, “Dont tell me youre from the Maoshan School again.”

The Maoshan Sect disciples she saw before were basically dressed like this.

Besides, they seemed to say the same thing as well.

Tut-tut, they were too boring.

“Hm! Good that you know.”

Seeing that Lu Zijia knew the Maoshan Sect, the old Taoist Priest didnt panic like before.

He raised his chin and looked arrogant, as if he couldnt wait to go to heaven.

“Since youre young and ignorant, Ill let you go as long as you kowtow and apologize to me.

Otherwise, youll be punished by the Maoshan Sect!”

As soon as the old Taoist Priest said these arrogant words, the expressions of the people from the Han family changed first before Lu Zijia could react.

“Master Lu, you must not let this bastard go.

Not only did he almost destroy the Han family, he even wanted to kill an old woman like me just now!”

Old Lady Han took a few steps forward anxiously and her wrinkled old face was full of anxiety and uneasiness.

“Mom, dont be like this.

Master Lu has already helped us a lot.

We cant make things difficult for her.”

Even though Han Jianmin didnt want to let the old Taoist Priest go either, the Taoist Priest had a strong background.

In order not to implicate innocent people, he could only repress his anger temporarily.

Yao Shuyi didnt speak, but she looked at Lu Zijia with a bit of anticipation in her eyes.

Old Lady Han was certainly reluctant.

Seeing her sons firm attitude and looking at Lu Zijia, who was still at the prime of her life, she didnt say anything in the end and looked like she had accepted her fate with sorrow.

Seeing them like this, the old Taoist Priest couldnt help feeling even more complacent.

He looked like he was asking for a beating.

In fact, Lu Zijia really stepped on his face and even rubbed it without showing mercy.


“You… You… How dare you…”

With his old face being stepped on by someone, the old Taoist Priest immediately trembled in anger, as if he was epileptic.

Before the old Taoist Priest finished talking, Lu Zijia kicked him on the other side of his old face again.

“Ive already stepped on it.

Why are you still asking me how I dare to do so Isnt that nonsense”

The old Taoist Priest, who had been stepped on again, flushed with embarrassment and anger.

He stared at Lu Zijia fiercely with a vicious gaze, while the dry old hand hidden behind his back was doing something secretly, thinking that no one noticed.


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