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“Then get out of here!”

Damn! He was not feeling right because this reckless woman dared to threaten him!


Lu Zijia was slightly helpless.

Was this man prodding her into taking action

Alright then, he could do whatever he wanted, and she could pretend as if she had heard nothing.

Her own safety, after all, was the most important thing at the moment.

For one moment, dead silence dominated the enormous room, and they could even hear each others breathing.

A few moments later, Lu Zijia finally started to take action, which she did only after sparing no effort to temporarily press down the unusual heat inside her body.

She remained lying prone while she started to move backwards step by step.


Her right arm was hooked around Mu Tianyans neck, so while she was moving, the wheelchair also moved with her.

The veins on Mu Tianyans forehead popped out – he was infuriated by her stupid behavior.

Mu Tianyan started to breathe irregularly as he was dragged along by her.

At this moment, Mu Tianyan suddenly caught sight of a place at the wall in front of him, and he sent an order without leaving a trace.

Because of his order, the man behind the wall gave up pulling the trigger.

Lu Zijia was still moving at an extremely slow speed and didnt even know that she had just dodged death.

Finally, she managed to enter the bathroom.

By this point, she was so tired that her chest heaved up and down, sweat dripping all over her body.

Lu Zijia did not release Mu Tianyan until she managed to settle him down in a corner of the bathroom, staying more cautious than ever.

Mu Tianyan was surrounded by walls on all sides at the moment.

If he ever wanted to break through, he would have to take the path in front of him, which was already blocked by her.

With one hand holding the gun that was aiming at Mu Tianyans manhood, Lu Zijias other hand was pressed against the wall.

She moved to the bathtub, turned on the tap, and let out cold water.

She expected to cool herself down by getting herself soaked in cold water.

If not for Lu Zijias firm willpower, the drug swimming inside her body would have already swallowed her.

But despite her strong willpower, she still started to get dizzy.

Obviously, the drug inside her was extremely powerful!

Mu Tianyan had already noticed that she was fighting against something within her, yet he did nothing but quietly watch the show.

For Old Master Dus sake, he could spare her life.

But that did not necessarily mean that he was going to save this woman, who had threatened and tried to take advantage of him!


The bathtub was soon filled with cold water.

Lu Zijia walked inside without even removing her clothes.


The water splashed out of the bathtub after Lu Zijia put herself inside, wetting the smooth, clean floor.

Lu Zijia could not help but shiver from the cold as she suddenly threw herself into cold water.

Finally, her body cooled down slightly.

Lu Zijia, however, knew well that the drug inside her body was extremely powerful.

Soon, this method of cooling herself down would not work any more, and she would explode if the drug was not completely removed.

Lu Zijia felt like killing herself when she thought about how she was going to explode because of a drug right after being reborn.

However, she could not even kill herself because her power had disappeared.

At this moment, Lu Zijia made a decision – if she luckily managed to get through this incident this time, she was going to torment the person who had drugged the original host until he wished he could die!

Suddenly, Lu Zijia thought of the Ancient Space that was born with her in her previous life.

She had signed a soul contract with Ancient Space, so did it mean that Ancient Space was still available since her soul was not gone yet



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