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Ye Xinping begged Lu Zijia for help only because of the perseverance in her heart.

It was also because of this perseverance that she was able to survive until now.

Otherwise, she would have killed herself the moment she woke up.

Because she didnt only kill her own child, but also made her own mother a brain-dead person.

She knew that her father hated her and she had also thought about dying.

However, she didnt believe that the man she once loved would abandon her and even their child.

If that man really wasnt the man she used to love deeply, she might not feel so guilty anymore and her heart might feel a bit better.

After hearing her reason, Lu Zijia didnt think there was anything wrong, because peoples feelings were usually very accurate.

“I can help you, but you must cooperate with me.

You must answer my questions honestly.” Lu Zijias voice carried a hint of warning.

Ye Xinping was delighted in her mind and she kept nodding.

“Thank you, Master.

Thank you, Master.

Ill tell you everything I know.

Ill never hide anything from you, Master.”

She was willing to exchange her life for the answer she wanted, let alone answering the question honestly.

Lu Zijia nodded with satisfaction and asked, “Whats the name of your boyfriend Where did he go for his business trip back then”

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“My boyfriends name is Feng Zixuan.

Were like peas and carrots.

After graduating from university, he went to work at his familys construction company.

He went on a business trip three years ago to inspect the construction site of a new project in City A.

“We were fine before Zixuan went to A City.

He even said that we would prepare for the wedding when he came back, but…”

Thinking of the huge change three years ago, Ye Xinping was extremely devastated.

Lu Zijia: “…” Feng Zixuan, Song Zixuan… They were only different in their surnames.

No wonder Ye Xinping called him Brother Zixuan so affectionately.

So that was what happened.

“When Feng Zixuan came back, did you smell a strong smell on him Or the smell of blood” Lu Zijia asked again.

After hearing what Lu Zijia said, Ye Xinping immediately nodded and said with certainty, “Yes, theres a smell.

I cant describe the smell clearly, but it doesnt smell pleasant.

Besides, Zixuan never used perfume before.”

Hearing her affirmative answer, Lu Zijia already had a guess in her mind.

Feng Zixuan was probably already dead three years ago, and the Feng Zixuan after that should be…

Thinking of that kind of thing, Lu Zijia couldnt help frowning.

“Master” Seeing that Lu Zijia didnt speak, she frowned.

Ye Xinping immediately felt nervous, fearing that Lu Zijia would change her mind and not help her.

“Did Feng Zixuan forget a lot of things after he came back Like he had lost a bit of his memories.” Lu Zijia calmed her mind and asked Ye Xinping.

Ye Xinping nodded again.

“Yes, Master, how did you know that Have you already known the reason”

She didnt notice anything wrong at that time, but after what the master said, she suddenly realized that something was wrong with Zixuan back then.

Besides, Zixuans gaze was so scary sometimes, as if he would swallow her up, which made her hair stand on end.

Lu Zijia smiled slightly and didnt answer her question.

“Ill tell you when I find something.”

Lu Zijia said as she got up and was about to leave.

“Wait, Master!”

Seeing that she was about to leave, Ye Xinping quickly stopped her.

After pausing for a second, she still gave Lu Zijia the Half Spirit Stone in her hand.

“Master, Ill give you this stone first.”


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