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In the Song family.

“Master Lu, youre here.

Please come in and have a seat.”

Everyone of the Song family was waiting at the gate to welcome Lu Zijia, except for Song Zixuan.

The members of the Song family were actually very anxious in their minds, but they didnt want to disrespect Lu Zijia, so they could only repress the anxiousness in their minds and invite her into the house to sit first.

Lu Zijia nodded at the members of the Song family as a greeting, then looked at Fang Yueqiu.

“Madam Song, you said something happened to Song Zixuan What happened”

When Lu Zijia heard Fang Yueqiu say that something happened to Song Zixuan, her first reaction was that Song Zixuan still couldnt escape the bad romance.

She had already reminded that unlucky man twice, but he still couldnt escape it.

It seemed that it was destined that the unlucky man would encounter such a disaster.

Seeing Lu Zijia ask first, Fang Yueqiu was immediately delighted and she quickly replied without caring about anything else, “Its like this.

My son has got a girlfriend recently.

They were fine at first, but for some reason, they seemed to have a fight a few days ago.

“After two days, they seemed to have made up with each other again, but I suddenly couldnt reach my son the day before yesterday.

At first, I thought he was out with his girlfriend and forgot to charge his phone.

“But its already been two days.

My son hasnt been home for two days and we cant reach him either.

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“Weve already called the police last night, but the police still havent found my son up till now.

“So, we thought of you, Master Lu.

We wanted to ask you for help and see if you could find my son.”

After Fang Yueqiu finished talking, Old Master Song and Song Zhuohai also looked at Lu Zijia with a begging face.

After hearing about what happened briefly, Lu Zijia couldnt help but complain in her mind, “You deserve it!”

She had already reminded Song Zixuan, this unlucky man, so obviously, yet that unlucky man still went to get a girlfriend.

If he didnt deserve it, what did he deserve

“Do you know who his girlfriend is” Lu Zijia asked.

The three members of the Song family looked at each other and shook their heads a while later, looking a bit embarrassed.

“I found out that my son was dating only after I saw his text messages accidentally, so…” Fang Yueqiu said a bit anxiously and embarrassedly.

Lu Zijia: “…” Did Fang Yueqiu really see it accidentally Why did she feel that Fang Yueqiu was a bit guilty

“Master Lu, did my son suddenly disappear because of his new girlfriend” Song Zhuohai hit the nail on the head and asked with a worried look.

Lu Zijia nodded slightly.

“I think so.

I reminded him before that he would have a bad romance recently and asked him to be careful.

I didnt expect…” He still couldnt avoid it.

“What Bad romance!”

Fang Yueqiu immediately turned pale with fright.

“Then… Then, Master Lu, will my son be in danger Master Lu, please, please, you must save my son.

“My son has already suffered enough.

We havent made it up to him yet.

Nothing can happen to him.

Nothing can happen to my son.

Master Lu, please, please save my son.”

Fang Yueqius eyes turned red and she wanted to kneel down to Lu Zijia as she spoke.

Lu Zijia quickly stopped her.

“Madam Song, you dont have to do this.

Ill save him.”

Song Zixuan was her friend after all.

She certainly wouldnt leave her friend alone when something happened to him.

“Madam Song, please get me something that Song Zixuan always uses.

Clothes will also do.” Lu Zijia said to Fang Yueqiu.


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