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The golden pagoda immediately stopped crying and even apologized actively.

However, it immediately changed the topic.

“But master, the spiritual energy in this world is too thin.

Its not enough to increase my strength by absorbing spiritual energy.

I must also take some pills as an aid.”

Lu Zijia: “…” So, this unreliable thing still hadnt forgotten to covet her elixir

In the end, the golden pagoda was still satisfied and got a few pills from its master happily.

Even though these pills werent as delicious as the ones in its previous life were, it was better than nothing.

Hm, it definitely couldnt let its master know it felt that the pills its master refined right now werent as tasty as the ones in its previous life.

Otherwise, its master would definitely cut off its supply.

After sending away the unreliable golden pagoda, Lu Zijia went to the front garden.

“Someone please come out.”

There were Martial Artists protecting the old mansion of the Mu family in the dark, so Lu Zijia was apparently talking to the Martial Artists who were hiding.

As soon as Lu Zijia finished talking, a tall man in black appeared in front of her.

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“Madame, I am Mu Qi.

What can I do for you” The man in black asked Lu Zijia respectfully.

“This pill is for you.” Lu Zijia threw a small jade bottle to Mu Qi.

Mu Qi caught the jade bottle reflexively.

Hearing that it was a pill, he couldnt help looking confused.

Pills were things that many Martial Artists couldnt get even if they wanted to.

How did Madame get them Did Second Master give them to her

However, Second Master seemed to have used up all his pills a long time ago

“Eat it quickly!” Seeing Mu Qi staring at the jade bottle, Lu Zijia urged him.

Mu Qi: “…” Why did he have a bad feeling Was the thing in this jade bottle really a pill

Lu Zijia seemed to know what he was thinking in his mind and she comforted him, “Dont worry, its really a pill inside.

Its good for you.

Even if its not good, itll definitely not poison you to death.”

Mu Qi: “…”

The other Martial Artists hiding in the dark: “…” Madames words were indeed as scary as usual!

Under Lu Zijias urging, Mu Qi carefully poured out the pill in the jade bottle.

The pill had the color of coffee and it even gave out a faint medicinal fragrance.

Just by smelling it, he felt very comfortable.

Smelling the fragrance of the pill, Mu Qis eyes couldnt help brightening and the anxiousness he originally had instantly disappeared.

“How is it Do you feel anything”

Seeing him swallow the pill, Lu Zijia blinked and asked.

In fact, this was the first time she refined such a levelless aiding pill.

As for its effects, she wasnt sure either.

After all, in the cultivation world, levelless pills were the same as useless elixirs.

In the cultivation world, she couldnt possibly refine useless pills for fun, could she

That was why she was looking for a guinea pig to try out the pills right now.

Mu Qi, who didnt know that he was treated as a guinea pig, felt the changes in his body carefully with his internal energy after taking the pill.

Suddenly, Mu Qis expression changed.

Before he could say anything, he sat cross-legged on the ground right away.

Seeing that Mu Qi seemed to be meditating, Lu Zijia couldnt help but raise her eyebrows.

What reaction was this

Noticing Mu Qis strange behavior, Mu Yi, who was hiding in the dark, showed up instantly.

As soon as Mu Yi appeared, he immediately checked on Mu Qis condition and found that he was actually trying to break through to the next level.

He couldnt help looking shocked.

“Is he trying to break through” Lu Zijia could more or less see Mu Qis condition, so she asked.


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