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“Right, right, right, I also heard that she was replaced.

Yang Qingtian wouldnt jump off the building because of this, would she”

“I dont think so.

I heard her boyfriend broke up with her, so she jumped off the building.”

“Right, I remember that after Yang Qingtian jumped off the building that day, her boyfriend even came.

He held Yang Qingtians body and was in so much pain that I couldnt help but cry.”

“Ah, yes! I think that man still loves Yang Qingtian.

What a pity!”

“I think this tragedy happened because of the culprit who spread the rumors.

People so vicious and evil will definitely go to the eighteenth level of hell after they die.”

“Yeah, they must go to the eighteenth level of hell.”

As everyone kept talking, Liang Weishu, who was standing at the edge of the roof, also finished speaking.

“And the person who asked me to do that is my fellow villager and also the senior of this school… Li Yunzi.”

When Liang Weishu said Li Yunzis name, his voice was full of hatred.

He hated Li Yunzi for dragging him into this.

He hated Li Yunzi for forcing him to be an accomplice and he hated himself even more for not stopping being an accomplice when things started to go wrong.

In the end, he was just being selfish.

If he wasnt selfish, he wouldnt have become an accomplice at all and he wouldnt have killed someone!


After Liang Weishu said the name of the culprit, an earth-shattering clamor immediately arose below.

“Damn! Did I hear it right Li Yunzi Li Yunzi, the best friend of Yang Qingtian”

“It should be.

The possibility of two people having the same name is very low.

Besides, isnt the person who replaced Yang Qingtian as the supporting actress Yang Qingtians best friend, Li Yunzi”

“Speaking of which, Li Yunzi wouldnt drive Yang Qingtian to death with the rumors just for a role, would she

“Werent they best friends This best friend is too scary, isnt she Shes totally… vicious!”

“Right, Yang Qingtian and I were in the same class.

They seemed to be very close normally.

People who dont know anything might think theyre real sisters!

“Besides, she heard that something happened to Li Yunzis family once and they needed a lot of money for surgery.

Yang Qingtian gave all the money she had to Li Yunzi without hesitation and said that Li Yunzi didnt need to give it back.

“You must know that Yang Qingtian herself had a pretty good family background and she even took on quite a number of supporting roles.

The total amount of money she had is at least 60,000 to 70,000 yuan, and thats just the minimum amount.”

“Wow! How could Li Yunzi kill such a good friend Shes totally repaying kindness with viciousness.

Shes worse than an animal!”


Following everyones discussion, the clear sound of a slap suddenly sounded.

Everyone looked over after hearing that.

A tall, slim man was glaring at a woman furiously at this moment, and one side of the womans face had already turned red.

Apparently, that man slapped the woman.

“Why Why Xiao Qing was your good friend.

She had always treated you so well.

How can you be so cruel How can you be so cruel”

Su Chenyis body trembled slightly as he stared at Li Yunzi with bloodshot eyes and he almost shouted.

Yang Qingtians death was a huge blow to Su Chenyi.

He had always thought that Yang Qingtian commit suicide because of him, so he had been blaming himself and feeling guilty and regretful all the time for the past month.


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