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Zhang Junning had been filming a show with Ye Nanxi these two days, so she could more or less see the condition of her skin.

Seeing that the two pimples on Ye Nanxis forehead were indeed almost gone, she couldnt help believing her a bit more.

“Its indeed very effective.

I wonder where I can get the acne removal solution and whitening facial masks of this brand” Zhang Junning asked.

She had too many jobs lately and had to stay up late all the time, making her skin condition worse and worse.

Pimples kept popping out, which annoyed her a lot.

If the products of Three Treasures were really so effective, she wouldnt mind if it was locally made.

Seeing that Zhang Junning believed what she said, the smile on Ye Nanxis face became a bit brighter.

“Sister Junning, my acne removal solution and whitening facial masks were given to me by a friend.

You cant buy them outside for now, but you should be able to very soon.”

She originally didnt want to use the gifts her idol gave her, but she thought that they would expire after a long time and she wouldnt be able to use them by then even if she wanted to.

In order not to waste her idols kindness, she endured the heartache and used them, but unexpectedly, the effect was surprisingly good.

This simply made her admire her idol even more!

Hearing that she couldnt get them outside, Zhang Junning immediately frowned and subconsciously tightened her grip on the acne removal solution.

After thinking for a while, even though Zhang Junning felt embarrassed, she still said, “Nanxi, can you give me this bottle of acne removal solution and the remaining whitening facial masks you have”

She would be going abroad for an event in two days and she would even walk the red carpet.

She hoped to be on screen in her best condition.

“Huh Well…”

Ye Nanxi had never thought that Zhang Junning would make such a request.

She couldnt help but look like she was in a dilemma.

This was the first present her idol gave her.

She felt heartbroken even if she used them a bit more.

If she gave them to someone else right now, it would undoubtedly make her heart ache so much that her face would distort!

“No problem, no problem.

Junning, just take it if you like.

Nanxi can ask her friend if she still has more.”

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Before Ye Nanxi could reject Zhang Junning, Qin Zheng interrupted her with a smile.

“Sister Qin.”

Ye Nanxi panicked in her mind and wanted to deny it, but Qin Zheng interrupted her again.

“Nanxi, wheres the remaining whitening facial masks Did you bring them with you Give them to Junning quickly.” Qin Zheng turned around with her back facing Zhang Junning, looking at Ye Nanxi as she kept giving signals with her eyes.

Zhang Junning was an A-list celebrity.

It was definitely a great thing if Zhang Junning owed Ye Nanxi a favor.

Seeing her manager desperately trying to signal her with her eyes, Ye Nanxi still took out the remaining three pieces of whitening facial masks from her bag, extremely heartbroken.

If she had known, she wouldnt have brought everything here just to show off.

Boohoo! She wanted to cry!

“Junning, Nanxi only has these three whitening facial masks left.

If you think theyre good, you can ask Nanxi to get more from her friend.”

Qin Zheng ignored Ye Nanxis heartbroken look and took out the whitening facial masks in her hand, handing them to Zhang Junning politely.

“Alright, thank you.”

Zhang Junning certainly saw the pain in Ye Nanxis heart, but she was really in a hurry to use them, so she could only pretend not to see it.

“Nanxi, you can come to me if you need anything in the future.

Ill definitely help if I can.” Zhang Junning was apparently giving Ye Nanxi a favor.

“Alright, alright, thank you, Junning.”

Before Ye Nanxi said anything, Qin Zheng smiled and thanked her repeatedly.


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