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After a long time, the originally silent banquet venue immediately burst into an uproar.

What followed was the discussion of everyone.

“Madame Mu just called the number that young man in a leather jacket did again, right”

“I think so.

Didnt you hear the women on the other side of the call scolding him If shes really that young mans wife, why would she scold him as soon as she answered the call”

“Right, she even said shes going to be a grandma soon.

How could she possibly be the wife of that young man in a leather jacket”

“So, his call just then was fake But why did he make this call Did he forget his wifes phone number”

“Are you dumb If you cant remember your wifes number, youll definitely save it, right If you dont even save your wifes number, isnt it obvious that theres a problem”

The IQ of some onlookers was finally restored and they gradually sensed that something was wrong.

So, everyones gaze slowly became weird when they looked at the three men and Gu Nian.

When everyone was almost done talking, Lu Zijia then showed the screen of the phone in her hand to everyone.

“Theres only one string of numbers and no name at all.

You really dont take your wife seriously.”

Lu Zijia looked at the pale young man in a leather jacket with a faint smile.

Without waiting for the young man to refute, she swiped up the contact list again and pointed at the number with his wifes name on it as she said to the young man, “So, you have two wives!

“I wonder which of your wives is your true love.

Why dont we call them here and ask them”

Those who were closer and had good eyesight among the onlookers looked at the screen carefully.

Just as Lu Zijia said, there were two wives!

Of course, that was if the owner of the number with no name was really the wife of the young man in a leather jacket.

“Haha, I thought you were impressive.

Turns out you were only acting with other people!”

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Song Zixuan spoke at this right time, looking at Gu Nian with ridicule.

At the same time, he was also secretly relieved in his mind.

He originally thought that Gu Nian was really quite capable.

After all, she was quite famous, wasnt she

Unexpectedly, the so-called Master Gu, who was so famous, was actually a complete fraud!

A real fraud was truly digging her own grave when she went against a real master.

She must be tired of living!

“That… Thats my privacy.

Its none of your business!”

The young man in a leather jacket was already panicking at this moment, but he still braced himself to hold on.

“Your privacy certainly has nothing to do with me, but its wrong for you to collude with someone to deceive people.”

Lu Zijia threw the phone back to the young man in a leather jacket indifferently and leaned against the wheelchair of the man next to her, looking a bit lazy.

After getting the phone back, the first reaction of the young man in a leather jacket was to delete the two call records he made just then, as if he could destroy the evidence.

What he didnt know was that in the eyes of others, his behavior was making it more conspicuous that he was trying to cover it up.

“By the way, dont you want to know when youll be rich, when youll have a son and when youll have luck in romantic encounters

“If I can tell your situation just by looking at your faces, youll know that Im a real master.

“This is a rare opportunity.

Do you really not want to know” Lu Zijias persuasion made the three men very tempted.

However, they had only collected half of the money.

If they were exposed, they wouldnt be able to get the remaining half.


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