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So, they watched as Mu Yunhao “took” the phone away from the young man in a leather jacket.



When Mu Yunhao successfully got the phone and was about to turn around to give it to Lu Zijia, Gu Cheng, who had been silent, suddenly stepped forward and blocked his way.

“Whats the matter, Mr.

Gu” Mu Yunhao looked at him gently with a faint smile.

Being stared at by him like this, Gu Cheng still stayed calm and said, “Mr.

Mu, isnt it… inappropriate for you to do this After all, thats someones personal property.”

When Gu Cheng said that, he glanced at the phone in Mu Yunhaos hand deliberately, obviously implying something.

Mu Yunhao still had a faint smile on his face and his tone didnt change at all.


Gu, you worry too much.

Im just borrowing it.

I wont break it.”

After saying that, he was about to walk past Gu Cheng.

However, as soon as he moved, Gu Cheng also moved and continued blocking his way.


Mu, thats not quite right.

If the owner doesnt agree to give it to you and you take it, it is the same as stealing.

“I think a big shot like you wouldnt want a bad reputation to spread, would you, Mr.


There was a hint of threat in Gu Chengs words.


Mu Yunhao looked up and glanced around.

“Did anyone see me steal it You can stand out and be a witness.”

Everyone around: “…” They had almost offended Mu Tianyan, the living King of Hell just then.

Who would still dare to step out to be a witness right now

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If they really stood out, wouldnt they be declaring war on the Mu Group

They didnt want to be dragged in by Lu Zijia, but that didnt mean they had to rush to die!

Seeing that everyone around lowered their heads in silence, Gu Chengs face immediately turned green.

At this moment, the three men still wanted to go forward and snatch the phone back, but Song Zixuan suddenly appeared again and stopped them.

The three men didnt know the identity of Mu Yunhao and the others, so they werent afraid of them, but they knew Song Zixuans identity, which was why they were worried and didnt dare to lay a hand on Song Zixuan.

“See, no one thinks I stole it.”

Mu Yunhao raised his hand and patted Gu Chengs right shoulder gently.

Gu Cheng immediately felt a sharp pain coming from his right shoulder, which almost made him scream miserably.

“Alright, Mr.

Gu, please dont stand in my way!”

Seeing that his face instantly turned pale, the faint smile on Mu Yunhaos face became a bit colder.

Before Gu Cheng continued to say anything, Mu Yunhao pressed him down forcefully and walked past him directly.

Seeing this, Dong Meilan finally couldnt help but rush forward to stop him, but Gu Cheng stopped her.

Mu Yunhao was a Martial Artist.

If they really pissed him off, they would be the ones who suffered.

Right now, they could only take things one step at a time and hoped that it wouldnt end too badly.

“Madame.” Mu Yunhao gave the phone to Lu Zijia and stepped aside.


Lu Zijia took the phone, turned on the screen and opened the call record.

She immediately called and put it on speaker.

“You again, you bastard, are you crazy If you want to find a wife, go to the mental hospital.

Im almost someones grandma, but Im still being harassed by a pervert like this.

Go away!”


After the call was picked up, a loud shout full of energy sounded.

After the shout, the call was directly hung up.

Hearing the beeping sound after the call was hung up, the huge banquet venue was dead silent.


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