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Song Zixuan was also angry.

“Hold on, hold on, hold your ass!

“I think you just have nothing better to do.

If you want fortune-telling, go ahead.

Why must you keep talking If you dont talk, no one will think youre dumb!”

Even though Song Zixuan was also worried that Lu Zijia couldnt win, she definitely couldnt lose in terms of momentum!

Looking at Song Zixuan, who popped out again, Lu Zijia felt that the unlucky man was like a firecracker today.

He would run out and fly into rage when people said something he didnt like.

However, if this unlucky man wanted to fly into rage, she should just let him be.


The middle-aged man was so furious that his face flushed.

He was about to rebuke Song Zixuan, but the young man in a leather jacket stopped him.

“Dont, Ive seen him.

Hes the Young Master of the Song family.

We better not offend him.” The young man in a leather jacket whispered in the middle-aged mans ear.

The young man in a leather jacket knew Song Zixuan because someone told him that after he ran into Song Zixuan at a bar.

The middle-aged man, who was originally enraged, immediately shut his mouth after hearing what the young man said.

When the three men were in a predicament, Gu Nian glared at them unhappily and urged, “Cut the crap.

Start quickly.”

“Yes, yes, yes.”

The three men, who were saved, nodded quickly and looked at Lu Zijia, as if they were waiting for Lu Zijia to read their fortune.

But this time, they didnt tell her what they wanted to know.

They didnt even say a word.

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Seeing this, Song Zixuan immediately wanted to fly into rage again.

However, the second before he was about to explode, Lu Zijia spoke first, “You were rich when you were young, but you were lazy, so you lost all your properties before you were middle-aged.

“Apart from your wife at home, you have a lot of relationships with other women outside.

But after so many years, you still have only one daughter and no son.”

Lu Zijia pointed at the middle-aged man in a suit who seemed rich and said.

She then pointed at the yellow-haired young man next.

“You dropped out of school when you were young and youve been having illicit relationships with women around.

Youve done nothing so far and you even went to jail.”


In the end, Lu Zijia pointed at the young man in a leather jacket.

“Your family has been poor since you were little.

Your parents divorced when you were young and youve done things like stealing.

Youre unmarried but have a son.

Hes turning two this year.”

The three men didnt take Lu Zijia seriously at first, but after what Lu Zijia said, their expressions changed and they looked at Lu Zijia as if they saw a ghost.

They were totally terrified!

Even the expressions of the three members of the Gu family changed instantly.

People around were a bit startled after hearing that.

They only collected themselves after a while after Lu Zijia finished talking.

“This… This is all nonsense, right

“That middle-aged man doesnt seem to have lost all his properties.

Besides, he said he owns a company just now.”

“Right, those two younger ones also look like rich kids.

How would they possibly do something like sleeping with women around and stealing She must be mistaken!”

“Right, that man in the leather jacket said just then that he has no son.

If he does, his son would still be in the womb.

Why would he suddenly have a two-year-old son”

“Thats too different.

Among these two descriptions, which is real and which is fake”

“What Master Gu said must be true.

Didnt you hear them admit that Master Gu was right just then”

“Right, one of them called his wife right away.

It cant be wrong, right”


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