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Chapter 478: Live Broadcast of the Murderer Telling the Truth (3)


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Right! He would be fine.

Even if there was really a ghost that came to take revenge on him, he could also pay a few Taoist Masters to come and take down the ghost! He didnt believe that the ghost would still dare to come and find him!

Thinking of this, Bai Xiaos original fear quickly dissipated and he even felt a bit complacent.

“Master Bai”

Seeing that Bai Xiaos expression kept changing, the beautiful host, who was sitting on the ground and hadnt stood up, called him carefully and tentatively.

Bai Xiao shook his head to clear his muddled mind.

He looked at the beautiful host again and saw a face with exquisite makeup.

Bai Xiao subconsciously heaved a sigh of relief in his mind and reached out his hand to the terrified and confused beautiful abbot.

‘The pretty host, who was originally nervous, immediately looked delighted and she immediately put her soft hand on Bai Xiaos.



‘The beautiful host, who got up with Bai Xiaos help, was thrown to the ground by Bai Xiao before she could stand firmly.

People who saw this scene through the livestream all complained that Bai Xiao didnt know how to treat women.

Of course, it was unknown how many of them were just gloating and enjoying themselves while watching the show.

And in the private room, nobody dared to help the beautiful host up when they saw that she was violently thrown away by Bai Xiao again.

They were afraid of offending Bai Xiao.

Being embarrassed again and again in front of so many people, the beautiful host couldnt help but cry, but she didnt dare to criticize Bai Xiao at all.

And when Bai Xiao saw the crushed, bloody face again, his face turned pale again.

Because of fear, his body couldnt help trembling slightly.

Bai Xiao was quite calm.

Even when his mind was affected by the alcohol, he didnt “talk nonsense” and said something he shouldnt.

Seeing this, Lu Zijia couldnt help raising her eyebrows in surprise.

But after thinking about it, she thought it made sense.

Not only did Bai Xiao dare to knock someone dead, but he also ran over him several times after knocking him down.

This showed how ruthless he was.

People who were ruthless enough naturally wouldnt have weak willpower.

Lu Zijia gave Jin Jiahao a look without a trace, telling him not to be afraid of scaring Bai Xiao to death.

After getting Lu Zijias permission, Jin Jiahao, who couldnt wait to kill Bai Xiao, immediately changed into how he looked when he died after he was crushed into pieces.

Lu Zijia cast a spell and secretly opened the Yin Yang Eye for Bai Xiao.

“You… Ghost… Ghost!”

Even though Bai Xiao was quite calm, he was also quite startled when he suddenly saw Jin Jiahao, who was crushed to death by him, sitting next to him.

He immediately got up and wanted to run, but as soon as he stood up, he suddenly felt his legs like jelly and he fell on the coffee table messily.

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“Bang! Clang, clang!”

Almost all of the wine bottles and glasses on the coffee table were swept to the ground, making some sounds of things shattering.

“Master Bai!”

Seeing Bai Xiao fall, everyone present was shocked.

A few of them quickly ran over to help Bai Xiao up, but Bai Xiao pushed them away with a terrified look.

“Get out of here! Get out of here!”

Bai Xiao looked at the people who surrounded him in shock and confusion.

He kept feeling that they were all transformed from the spirit that he killed.

The fear in his heart increased bit by bit.

“Bai Xiao! A life for a life! I want you to come down and be with me right now! I want you to die a hundred times more miserable than me!”

Jin Jiahao slowly floated up and reached out his bloody hands to Bai Xiao.

He even put up a creepy smile on his face, like an evil spirit trying to take his life.

“Dont… Dont come any closer! If you dare to kill me, my Dad will definitely ask the Taoist Master to beat you up until your soul is shattered and you wont even be able to be a ghost!”

Bai Xiao threatened Jin Jiahao fiercely, trying to scare Jin Jiahao away with this..


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