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Chapter 442: Being Teased by the Second Master Openly


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Mu Tianyans eyes were full of adoration.

His deep voice was extremely gentle

and even a bit tempting.

“Im glad you like it.

In order to thank you for that, Ive

decided to give you a reward.”

Lu Zijia, who only cared about playing with his pale face, didnt notice his

strange behavior.

She replied reflexively with a smile, “What reward”

Mu Tianyan, who was waiting for her to say this, immediately leaned over and

captured the red lips he had been thinking about for a long time precisely.

Lu Zijia, who was still focusing on playing with his pale face a second ago:

2!1 Who could tell her what was going on

Before Lu Zijia pushed him away, Mu Tianyan kissed her again and left after

biting her gently.

“Madam, do you like this reward” Mu Tianyan put his forehead against hers

and his hot breath directly rushed at Lu Zijias face.


This evil man didnt only tease her, but was also taking advantage of her right


He was simply… too shameless!

Mu Tianyan said in confusion, as if he didnt notice anything, “You dont like

this reward, Madam Ill give you another one.”

He said as if he was going to kiss her again.




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This time, Lu Zijia was agile.

She covered his mouth and pushed him far avway.

“Youre acting like a hooligan!”

Even though Lu Zijia said so, she actually wasnt repelled by Mu Tianyan, or

why would she still let Mu Tianyan hold her

However, this didnt mean that Mu Tianyan, this bastard, could trick her again

Lu Zijia had always been the one who tricked others.

When had she been

tricked like this She had even been tricked twice in one day! This was totally..


Mu Tianyan was pushed away by her force with an obvious smile in his dark


“Im just giving you a reward.

You also agreed.”

Mu Yunhao and the others, who had been forced to watch their extremely

sweet PDA: “”

They had never thought that their wise and powerful Second Master, who

didnt smile much, would act like a hooligan one day.

Besides, he even acted like that so openly.

As his subordinates and brothers,

they immediately admired him so much that they prostrated themselves in


“I what…”

Lu Zijia gritted her teeth and was about to ask when she agreed, when she

suddenly remembered what she said reflexively before, “What reward.”

Lu Zijia, who was suddenly frustrated: “”Was this man her nemesis in this


“Fine, you win!”

After a long time, Lu Zijia finally said something as fierce as what she said

when she left the room before.

“As long as you like it, Madam.”

Seeing his wife waiting for him, Mu Tianyan felt his heart itching and he

couldnt help wanting to get close to her.

However, he had just taken advantage of her just then.

If he went too far, his

wife would probably really get angry.

So, it was better to take it slow.

She couldnt run away anyway, could she

Hearing what he said that almost became his pet phrase, Lu Zijia only felt her

teeth a bit sore.

However, Iher eyes suddenly brightened the next second and her eyeballs rolled

around like a little fox.

“As long as I like it, right Then, I like your toy boy


You must keep it forever.

“Dont worry.

If you get tanned, I can even provide you with whitening

ointment for free.

Dont stand on ceremony with me.”

After saying this, Lu Zijia passionately picked up the small porcelain jar with

the whitening cream on the coffee table passionately and put it into Mu

Tianyans arms.

Mu Tianyan, who didnt want to be as pale as a toy boy: “..


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