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They saw the doorknob move just then.

Why wasnt Second Master out yet Did he forget something

Thinking of this, everyone continued to wait quietly.

However, another minute passed and he still hadnt come out.

“Did something happen to Second Master”

Someone among the secret guards couldnt help but say.

“I dont think so.

If something happens to Second Master, Madame wouldnt keep it from us.”

“But, wasnt Madame acting weird just then Is it because she dared not to say it”

“Dared not to say it Then, would she still be Madame”



While the secret guards were whispering, the door of the room was finally opened.

When a tall figure appeared at the door, Mu Yunhao and the others were all stunned.

“Second… Second Master, you… you can finally stand up!”

The eyes of Mu Yunhao, who saw with his own eyes that Mu Tianyan couldnt stand up three years ago, couldnt help but turn red.

How wonderful! Their Second Master finally stood up again!

Those ten guards, who were as excited as Mu Yunhao, all looked proud, proud that their Second Master could stand up again.

Mu Tianyan stood up and walked out like a normal person.

He directly wanted to get past Mu Yunhao and the others and leave.

Mu Yunhao and the others, who were originally excited, couldnt help feeling a bit disappointed when they saw that their Second Master was so indifferent.

However, it was already wonderful that Second Master could stand up again and they didnt ask for anything else.

Mu Tianyan, whom Mu Yunhao and the others thought was indifferent and cold, successfully passed by his subordinates and was about to go upstairs.

However, when he passed by the living room, he happened to see Lu Zijia, who was drinking tea with a teacup.

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“Pfft! Hahaha!”

Lu Zijia looked up subconsciously.

When she saw Mu Tianyans peerlessly handsome face, she immediately spurted out the tea in her mouth and burst into laughter uncontrollably.

She even couldnt help but hit the couch under her butt while laughing.

She didnt even notice that most of the tea in the teacup in her other hand was spilled.

Mu Yunhao and the others behind Mu Tianyan were all dumbfounded when they saw Madame burst into laughter all of a sudden.

Madame didnt only act weird today, but also seemed mentally unwell!

Could it be that Madame had been too busy these two days, so she had lost her mind

Hm, that was really possible!

Lu Zijia, who had no idea that she was being treated as a crazy person, was still laughing loudly without caring about her image.

She was laughing so hard that her stomach hurt, but she couldnt stop!

When Lu Zijia started laughing, the ears of Mu Tianyan, who had been frozen on the spot, gradually turned red.

Looking at his wife who almost laid on the couch as she laughed, Mu Tianyan felt speechless.

Seeing that the girl was about to fall to the ground while laughing, Mu Tianyan finally walked over and straightened her up.

He took the teacup from her hand and put it down.

There was a trace of affection in his speechless tone.

“Is it really that funny”

What answered him was Lu Zijias unstoppable laughter.

Mu Tianyan: “….”

At this moment, Mu Tianyan suddenly had the urge to kiss his wife.

“Hahaha, your… your face, you idiot, hahahaha…”

Lu Zijia, who couldnt stop, talked while laughing.

She stuttered, which made people a bit confused.

However, as the person who was laughed at, Mu Tianyan certainly understood what she was talking about, so he wanted to kiss his wife even more.


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