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However, when her hand passed through the boys shoulder, Ye Nanxi: “!!!”

“He… he… he… he!”

Ye Nanxi retracted her hand quickly and widened her eyes, looking like she was extremely shocked and she couldnt even speak properly.

The boy, who frightened Ye Nanxi, didnt seem to understand why she had such a huge reaction.

He tilted his head innocently with a slightly confused look on his face.

Seeing the boy act like an innocent child, Ye Nanxis frightened heart suddenly wasnt so scared anymore.

Ye Nanxi sized up the boy for a while and didnt think he looked like a ghost that ate people, so she said boldly, “Are… Are you really a ghost”

Of course, only if her action of sneaking behind Lu Zijia was ignored…


Hearing her question, the boy repeated a keyword, as if he didnt understand it.

Under Ye Nanxis perturbed gaze, the boy pondered for a while and shook his head.

“I dont know.”

Ye Nanxi: “…”

Lu Zijia: “…” She finally knew what was wrong with this ghost!

Memories, this spirit had no memories, which was why he behaved like a young child.

“Hy, how would he not know that hes a ghost”

Ye Nanxi touched Lu Zijias back secretly and asked in a low voice.

Lu Zijia: “…” If I take away your memories, you wont know if youre a human or a ghost either.

Lu Zijia took a deep breath.

“What you should care about right now isnt why he doesnt remember that hes a ghost, but how to break the posthumous marriage between you and him.

“Even though he isnt hurting you, hes still a ghost.

People and ghosts are different.

If he stays by your side for too long, your body will slowly become weak.”

Ye Nanxi was startled after hearing that.

She subconsciously felt her body.

It was full of vitality and she didnt feel weak at all.

Lu Zijia seemed to know what she was thinking in her mind and she said again, “You dont feel anything right now because you have the Golden Light of Merit protecting you, but the Golden Light of Merit cant protect you forever.

“So, you must end the posthumous marriage so you save your life.”

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“Huh The Golden Light of Merit”

Ye Nanxi was a bit dumbfounded.

“How do you see the Golden Light of Merit in me”

Suddenly, Ye Nanxis eyes brightened and she said emotionally, “Are you the kind of Taoist Master actors play on TV”

Lu Zijia: “…” What did she mean by the kind of Taoist Master actors played on TV She was clearly a real Taoist Master!

Also, superstar, please dont keep losing the focus!

“Do you want to end the posthumous marriage or not”

Lu Zijia had the urge to slap this superstar, whose focus was never on the right track, to wake her up.

Hearing that, Ye Nanxi immediately nodded like a chicken pecking at rice.

“Yes, yes, of course.

Im still young and I still have my father who loves me.

I cant die so early!”

She had already seen a ghost with her own eyes.

Ye Nanxi certainly believed in posthumous marriage and whatnot.

As for whether Lu Zijia was lying to her or harming her, Ye Nanxi had never thought about that at all.

Lu Zijia was very satisfied with her being afraid of death.

She said, “Then, lets make a deal.

Ill help you get rid of the posthumous marriage and youll give me a wisp of the Golden Light of Merit.”

When Lu Zijia saw the Golden Light of Merit on Ye Nanxi, she thought of her mother in this world.

People with the Golden Light of Merit on them wouldnt be affected by ghosts and ghosts..

It could be said to be a very good amulet.


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