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Du Xiangjun immediately changed the subject.

“I want to invest in a business recently, but I dont know what kind of business I should invest in.

Brother, why dont I give you the money and you help me invest

“I dont mind if I lose or gain money or not.

I only leave it there anyway and I wont be able to take it with me when I die.”

Even though Du Xiangjun said it in a vague way, the members of the Du family werent dumb.

They certainly understood that she was going to give money to the Du family.

They were both touched and speechless at the same time.

“Silly kid, your brother only knows how to manage the company.

How would he know how to invest Dont make things difficult for him.” Old Lady Dus old eyes were a bit teary and she spoke first.

Apparently, she was indirectly rejecting her adopted daughters offer of giving them money to help the Du familys company.

Du Xiangjun was their adopted daughter, but they had always treated her as their own.

They knew that their daughter didnt live a good life in the Lu family, but she was stubborn and refused to get a divorce, so there was nothing they could do.

Now that their daughter finally thought it through and left the Lu family.

Her life had just become better.

How could they bear to use their daughters money to help the company

“Right, Xiao Jun, I know nothing about investments.

I cant help even if I want to.”

Du Jinli also agreed with what Old Lady Du said.

Apparently, he had the same thought as Old Lady Du.

After that, Du Jinqian also rejected her gently.

Even Old Master Du disagreed to let Du Xiangjun use her money to help the company.

Du Xiangjun had always known that her family treated her very well, but she still couldnt help but shed tears of gratitude at this moment.

How could she be corrupted by someone and be alienated from such a good family for more than twenty years She was truly foolish.

Du Xiangjun wiped her tears and wanted to continue persuading her family, but before she could say anything, her daughter spoke first.

“Grandpa, Grandma, I learned fortune-telling from a master at the office.

Why dont I take a look at your fortune for you I wont charge you if its not accurate.”

Lu Zijia found an opportunity to speak and said with a slightly mischievous tone.

The Feng Shui of the Du familys villa wasnt right.

Even if Du Xiangjun spent more money to help them, the Du familys company would still go bankrupt in the end.

Old Master Du and Old Lady Du didnt believe her after hearing that.

They only thought she was joking.

However, they could change the subject and stop their daughter from talking about using money to help the company, so the two of them followed what Lu Zijia said.

“Oh Jiajia has learned fortune-telling Then, help me see when I can have another grandchild.” Old Lady Du said with a smile.

Old Master Du also smiled happily, totally not as dignified as he was before.

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Lu Zijia only needed to take a few glances when she did fortune-telling for people, but in order to look more reliable, she stared at Old Lady Dus face seriously for a while.

Seeing how serious she was, everyone in the Du family, except for Du Xiangjun, couldnt help but smile kindly.

“Alright, Ive already seen something.

Grandma and Grandpa will have a granddaughter in about a year.” Lu Zijia said seriously.

However, her innocent, pure, and gorgeous face coupled with her serious look indeed made the members of the Du family even happier.

“Oh Is it your Eldest Uncles or your Second Uncles”

Old Lady Du cooperatively showed a happy and excited look as she asked curiously.

Lu Zijia knew that they didnt believe her, so she thought it was time to directly make a big move.

So, she looked at Du Jinli.

“Its Second Uncles.

According to Uncles face, he already has someone he likes right now, but he hasnt got her yet.

“Oh right, Second Uncle has already interacted with this woman he likes many years ago and theyre still having a lot of contact!”

Lu Zijia deliberately dragged out the word “oh” and even showed a faint smile as she raised her eyebrows at Du Jinli with a deep meaning, looking extremely mischievous.


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