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Chapter 424: The Du Familys Situation (3)

Du Jinqian took a deep breath and patted his brothers hand that was holding his, indicating that he wouldnt be impulsive.

Seeing that he was still rational despite being angry, Du Jinli let him go.

“What… What are you doing”

After Zhong Qingran spoke freely, she couldnt help but be startled when she saw Du Jinqian walk towards her with anger all over his eyes and she subconsciously stepped back.

However, she suddenly thought of something and her eyes brightened.

She immediately advanced instead of stepping back.

“You want to hit me Come, come, hit me, hit me.

Just hit my face.

Remember to hit me harder, or dont blame me for looking down on you.”

Zhong Qingran raised her chin and pointed at her own face, getting closer to Du Jinqian step by step.

Seeing how shameless she was, Old Master Du and Old Lady Du looked extremely displeased.

They were about to scold her when they heard their eldest son speak.

“Zhong Qingran, lets get a divorce!”

Du Jinqian stared at Zhong Qingran with no emotions in his eyes and said word by word, “Didnt you look down on our family when we declined If you despise us, leave quickly.

“If we divorce, I dont need any of our shared property, but our son will be mine.”

As soon as Du Jinqian said this, everyone present was stunned, and Zhong Qingran, the person involved, even stared at Du Jinqian in disbelief, as if she doubted if there was something wrong with his brain.

“Du Jinqian, what did you say You want to divorce me”

Zhong Qingrans voice was sharp and piercing.

“Dont forget that the Du family still has to rely on the Zhong family.

You want to divorce me now.

Dont you want to save your lousy cosmetics company”

Even though Zhong Qingran said that she despised the Du family, she had never thought of divorcing Du Jinqian.

After all, Du Jinqians appearance was the type she liked.

Otherwise, she wouldnt have specially asked her father to arrange a marriage with the Du family, which was already showing signs of falling back then.

But on second thought, her father had already helped the Du family so many times.

He might not help them again this time.

If the Du family lost their last company, wouldnt she have to suffer with them

Thinking of this, Zhong Qingran suddenly felt that divorcing Du Jinqian might not be a bad thing for her.

However, even though she had already thought it through in her mind, she wasnt so easy to deal with on the outside and she was thinking about how she could get all the benefits.

Hearing Zhong Qingrans repeated threat, Du Jinqian finally couldnt hold his expression and his face instantly turned sullen.

“Rely on the Zhong family Then, why hasnt your Zhong family helped the Du family up till now” Du Jinqians voice sounded fierce, as if he was gritting his teeth.

After enduring the hypocritical behavior of the Zhong family for so many years, Du Jinqian finally couldnt bear it anymore now.

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His mother and father finally got Xiao Jun back.

He couldnt let someone with bad intentions ruin it!

“Sister-in-law, dont you know what the Zhong family has done”

Du Jinli, who was usually flippant and introverted, also turned cold at this moment as he stared at Zhong Qingran coldly.

“Since you keep saying that the Zhong family will help the Du family, why did you have to be so aggressive towards Xiao Jun just then”

Being exposed on the spot by her husband and brother-in-law, Zhong Qingran was both angry and embarrassed.

“You… Youve gone too far.

You actually teamed up to bully a woman like me.

Are you even men”

Zhong Qingran, who couldnt win the argument with the two of them, immediately started making a scene like she was used to all these years.

Seeing that Zhong Qingran was about to run out to the yard and shout, Du Jinqian pulled her back furiously.

“Zhong Qingran, if you dont agree to get a divorce today, youll never be able to do so again in the future.

“The last company of the Du family is about to collapse.

The Du family will never give you a comfortable life in the future.

Think about it carefully.”

After saying that, Du Jinqian let her go with an annoyed look and waited for her answer..


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